Golfing Bachelor Parties in Myrtle Beach New Trends

“Myrtle Beach Golf Bachelor Parties with The Kilted Caddy Girls”
The Kilted Caddy Club radically changes conventional golf to make the game infinitely more enjoyable to host a Golf Bachelor Parties in Myrtle Beach.

East Coast Golf Course Management and The Kilted Caddy Club introduce some sweeping changes to conventional golf bachelor parties. “Two of the key issues when you’re hosting a Golf Bachelor party are timing and degree of difficulty.” We are committed to make the game more enjoyable to all our members and will continue with our innovative and out of box approach to achieve these objectives.

While The Kilted Caddy Club and Cafe, which operates from the Azalea Sands Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach is already a roaring success, with their professionally trained Caddy Girls. The management has now upped the ante by introducing larger holes. Eight inch diameter cups that are twice as large as the conventional 4.25 inches cups have been installed on all 18 holes of the course. The management also announced a practice putting green on Saturday will be a permanent feature.

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“The idea of introducing larger cups is to introduce a larger element of speed and make golf more fun,especially when combined with a Kilted Caddy Girl experience,” says the Head Pro for East Coast properties Azalea Sands and Indigo Creek Golf Club, Craig Kenley. According to the management, the bigger cups will help in sinking those five to eight footers effortlessly. They admit that serious golfers might not agree with these changes but those golfing enthusiasts who play for fun would welcome them. The East Coast Management will be making formal announcements about the introduction of the 8-inch cups through emails to area golf directors, Platinum Card members and to patrons of the Myrtle Beach Area Golf Course Owners Association’s Passport program.

The new idea will also be promoted through radio spots on four key stations. According to the management, Azalea Sands was handpicked for the experiment for a number of reasons. It is known for providing unconventional golfing experience to members with highly innovative features like the Kilted Caddy Club leasing the food and beverage operation and providing beautiful female caddies, occasional live music at the course and the offering of Bluetooth speakers so golfers can play music on their carts. Also, the club has less than 20 members.

“Azalea Sands is undoubtedly the ideal course among all our properties to try and experiment a new approach,” says Kenley. “The Kilted  Caddy Club is already there providing a fun atmosphere where the Caddy Girls interact with the players. Members may be interested in the music playing, and are typically those who would enjoy an 8-inch cup.”

According to the Head Pro, initial reactions to the new holes were mixed on with the majority in favor of the change. There is a female demographic coming into the golf arena which will definitely find the game more enjoyable.

The East Coast Golf Course Management will be going ahead with the marketing and promotion of the idea and believes that they will get more support from members for their innovative approach to introducing more speed , fun and girls into the game. Plans are underway to introduce a new driving range with the Kilted Caddy Girls working the new caddy shack serving food and drinks as well as assisting the golfers while they practice.

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About The Kilted Caddy Club Golf Packages:

This is a premier golf enterprise that specializes in offering golf packages in over 90 Myrtle Beach area golf courses. It has over 40 accommodation partners. The club opened in June 2014 and is the only female caddy based golf course in the U.S. It is also the only club to offer 8-inch cups. The Kilted Caddy Club provides tee times, accommodation confirmations, dinner reservations and discounts on nightly activities, including free entry to Thee Dollhouse ½ mile down the street. They also offer transportation in their luxurious MBZ Van with their trendy and professionally trained female Caddies.

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