Zen Pet Supplies to the Rescue: Helping Save Animals from Abuse and Neglect

Zen Pet Supplies provides a wide variety of quality pet products ranging from cages, crates, treats, perches, playpens, aquatic pumps, and habitats for your furry, scaly, and winged pets. One-stop online shopping makes it easy to buy everything you need in one trip. Zen Pet Supplies also supports the sponsored rescue efforts of the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), whose volunteers are dedicated to the philosophy that all lives have worth.

July 1st, 2015 – People say there’s no room for heart in the business world, and that business owners who want to be successful need to concentrate on the bottom line. But that’s not the philosophy of Zen Pet Supplies, we believe treating animals with compassion doesn’t end when the sale is concluded.Cody Buck and John Knox, owners of Zen Pet Supplies, are so committed to the ethical treatment of animals; they created their company with the goal in mind of helping animals. Ten percent of the net proceeds from their sales is devoted to sponsored rescues like the ones run by Animal Rescue Corps (ARC). John and Cody have partnered with Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) to support the mass rescue of animals in peril because they feel that animals deserve to be treated in a humane manner. Building upon that stance, Zen Pet Supplies launched a new T-shirt campaign to raise funds for Animal Rescue Corps. This initiative will allow 100% of the proceeds to go towards ARC.

You can learn more at: http://teespring.com/animal-rescue-corps

For animal lovers, there’s nothing worse than hearing about pets that are mistreated or neglected by their owners. When animal rescue volunteers respond to an emergency, they operate like a compassionate SWAT team, going into deplorable conditions where animals have been living in filth, darkness and neglect, to bring them to safety.

Think of ARC as FEMA for the furry. Just as the Federal Emergency Management Agency heads in to bring comfort and safety to those affected by natural disasters, ARC rescues the animals that have been endangered, not just by Mother Nature, but also by the far more prevalent threat of human nature, when the deliberate abuse and neglect of pets threatens their lives.  In fact, the primary purpose of ARC is to conduct large-scale rescues of animals in puppy mills, hoarding situations and fighting rings, along with exotic animal cases that need help.

Some animals are in such critical condition that they require emergency care. Others may not survive because their physical health has been compromised so severely. But others, after receiving medical care and kindness, can be adopted into homes where they are welcomed and cherished as members of the family. 

Supporting the Zen Pet Supplies T-shirt campaign gives animal lovers an opportunity to show their compassion for creatures that have not been fortunate to live in homes where they are loved, cared for, and treated well. Not everyone has what it takes to be an active ARC volunteer, but everyone can support their mission.


About Zen Pet Supplies

Zen Pet Supplies is a one-stop online source for high-quality, long-lasting, affordable pet supplies. Whether your bird needs a perch, or your dog needs a crate or your fish needs a filter for the tank, Zen Pet Supplies provides what’s needed to keep dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and small pets comfortable, cozy, and Zen.  Zen Pet Supplies was started by John Knox and Cody Buck as a way to act on their commitment to give back and create awareness around the ethical treatment of animals.  By supporting the sponsored rescues such as Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), we can end the suffering of all animals through honest and empathetic action and influence holistic ideals for their treatment.

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