Freesia is the Next Big Service for Business Networking

For many new and continuing businesses, one of the most challenging obstacles to growth is finding customers who will value a product or service. Elevating your profile so that your target consumers and potential business partners can understand your business solution can be difficult. Luckily, a new business networking service entitled Freesia will soon be able to connect you with your ideal customers and business associates. Freesia offers a wide array of free services like acquisition and dissemination of business information, profile building, and local business mapping, as well as paid services like network advertising, seminar business card distribution, and Near Field Communication contact exchange.

Unlike many of the more established business networking services which ignore the power of mobile technology or fail to appeal to the important new business sector, Freesia is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who use a mobile device as a major business platform. The Freesia team recognizes that business professionals need to quickly share their contact info, organize the contact information of others and provide quick access to past interactions. Freesia provides these features as well as many more designed to help you remain on top of your many professional relationships.

The Freesia team is confident that they have created the Next Big Thing in business networking and are inviting you to get in on the ground floor. Not only does Freesia help you organize your personal business network, but it also helps expand your market reach by sharing important business information with others instantly and easily, in addition to a robust customer support service. Freesia also offers website building and multiple language services. Very soon, those who fail to establish themselves on Freesia will find themselves ignored by consumers and competitors.

To prevent this, you can join the Freesia network before they launch by supporting their Kickstarter campaign. For just a few dollars, you can become a Freesia member, display your logo to other local businesses, earn Silver or Gold level membership, and obtain free NFC services.

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