Kids in the House Expert Dan Thomas Explains The Causes and Solutions of Colic

Kids in the House, the world’s largest parenting video library, recently sat down with Pediatrician Dan Thomas to talk about the pain and agony he feels for his patients when they bring in their colic newborns. He tries to consult the parents whose kids have colic, but the reality is that research on it has been so sparse that it is hard to come up with a perfect cure.

There is no magic bullet, no magic remedy. Dr. Thomas recommends to get help immediately because it can be very stressful for both parents to deal with. The parents need some sort of rest throughout the afternoon and night or this will be even more difficult.

One remedy that can be considered is a liquid antacid. This would be given in a very small dosage and he suggests that you consult a doctor before trying it. But if successful, a liquid antacid could really decrease the gas and soothe the stomach. A lot of these kids strain at pooping and this helps their bowel movement. This is usually only necessary for several weeks.

One promising solution on the horizon is the use of probiotics. Unfortunately, there are are only one or two real quality studies so there needs to be much more research done before making and real conclusions.

Dr. Thomas stresses DO NOT overfeed the child, burp the child before and after feedings, and do not change the formula multiple times. There has been some unclear information on whether or not to stop breastfeeding your child but you should definitely NOT stop because this will have no impact.

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