Emerging Youth Pastime Involves Theft, Invading Foreign Territories and Jail Time

Modern take on Classic Outdoor Game Uses Darkness to Create New Thrills

Just last week a group of Boy Scouts spent over an hour concocting and implementing an organized effort to steal from their peers.  The week before that members of a religious youth group invaded foreign territory with similar intentions.  Not long before that, a group of ten year olds were put in jail by their fathers after trying to do the same thing.  Why is all this happening?  It’s the outdoor game Capture the Flag REDUX, officially being released today.

This new take on an all-time favorite indoor/outdoor activity “Capture the Flag” uses an array of LED lights to create a futuristic adventure that is best experienced after sunset. Competing teams vie with one another to sneak past the kit’s red war lights and onto enemy lines, capture their opponents’ glowing Orb and get it back to safe territory. Getting caught means spending time jailed in a square of lights.  To win, players must use a combination of strategy, stealth and speed.

“It’s the best game ever!” claimed Charlie B. of Pasadena, CA after playing three rounds of the game against his father and friends during his 10th grade birthday party.  Curt Jackson of SummerCampProgramDirector.com, said, “I was really impressed with the kit.  I had a local youth group test it out… They loved it.”  A recent review from Outdoor Lovers on Amazon starts by saying, “An amazing version of a game played for many decades.”

Capture the Flag REDUX, which was fully funded via a highly-successful Kickstarter campaign (and was featured as a Kickstarter Staff Pick),  includes two colored Orbs, eight Jail Markers, seven Territory Lights, 40 glow wrist bands, a guidebook and  twelve action-packed game variations.  Names for some of the variations include “Werewolves vs. Hunters,” “The President” and “Wizard.”  All of the kit’s components brightly illuminate in the dark (except the guidebook, of course).  It retails for $48.

“For kids all over this country, summer time means long outdoor adventures with friends and classmates,” Judd King, the creator of Capture the Flag REDUX says. “From the very beginning, our goal with CTF Redux was to create something fun and active for people to do after nightfall. The response so far has been great – from adults and kids!”

According to research, 42% of today’s youth are inactive and stay indoors. Obesity has quadrupled in the teenage demographic and children today are spending nearly four hours a day attentive to computer screens. This game combats these factors by getting youth outdoors, working as a team, and most importantly, being active by running, sneaking around, and trying to tag people. It generates excitement for being outdoors and active.

Those interested can follow Capture the Flag REDUX on Facebook.  A summer camp-oriented review for the product can be viewed here and youth reviews can be seen here.

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Capture the Flag REDUX launched on Kickstarter in December, 2014. It was created by Judd King, a high school teacher, filmmaker and Eagle Scout. His objective with the game is to give youth a nighttime alternative to video games/online activity/ TV & Movies. The mission for the company overall is “To inspire youth and adults to embrace their imagination and sense of adventure through authentic, real-time play.”



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