Mobile devices just might change ecommerce shopping one apple at a time

Ecommerce Shopping up 19% from last year with an all time record for 2015
Mobile platforms have revolutionized shopping experiences, from one-touch shopping apps, shopping cart installers and organized receipt tracking it’s no wonder why spending is up 19% from last year.

Smartphones and Mobile devices in general have inadvertantly become the main integrating devices for consumers’ multitasking lives. Mobile is more than a way to make calls or a new desktop computer. Mobile has a place amongst us with far greater value than simply catering to us as a substitute computation device. The shift is a direct reflection in quantitative terms as the amount of free time consumers spend on those self same mobile devices on a moment by moment basis qualitatively connecting in the way these devices have fervently become the remote device almost a remote control of sorts for consumers’ work and lives in general.

This evolution process has also dramitcally increased online purchases in dramatic ways.  Hugely disrupting traditional marketing. Consumers’ ubiquitous and unadulterated connectivity means they now are, in effect, and always will be in the consideration stages  for purchasing goods and rarely more than a tip and or a tap away from running from one physical store or a virtual store, or online merchant to another merchant competitor.

Consciously or unconsciously, consumers  are always searching for something to buy. As a direct result, marketers need to always try and continually create engagement with prospective buyers for the consideration of their brand, or their product or store, whether the purchase ultimately leads to a life long client or not at least their are multiple opinions and insight constantly being provided for your brand. 

Many big commerce companies are noticing with the instalation of google store verification and mobile checkouts through safewire they can offer a “no-brainer” transaction and provide the safety that todays consumer is looking for. More and more business is done online and consumers are finding it less expensive to to order online and have it shipped to the door than to walk into a physical location and purchase OTC. 

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