Probing into the Future of Electric Self-balancing Scooter Market with New Entrant Xiaomi and Established Firm Airwheel

In recent years, modern lifestyle and urban traffic environment have undergoing tremendous changes. As a result, a new product that fits new trend comes into being. That is self-balancing scooter. It has become the most desirable vehicle for short-distance trip. Self-balancing scooters powered by electricity meet social demand for environmental protection. Electric scooter producers represented by Airwheel, is now expanding business worldwide in accordance to this new trend. They are endeavoring to pull together to enlarge the market scope. With Xiaomi entering into the market and Airwheel releasing new product, the future of intelligent scooters is far more promising.

Xiaomi is an Internet company specialized in Internet thinking and marketing. But now the company has invested in the company Ninebot which acquired Segway, the originator company in the intelligent self-balancing scooter industry. Now the market begins to warm up. We expect some bolder moves of Xiaomi to change the game rule in the industry. 

But till now, Xiaomi hasn’t given any signs of further developing trend and Segway is in a lag phase of new product release. But instead, the established firm Airwheel hits the market with two revolutionary products on Jun. 18th 2015 which propels the self-balancing scooter industry marching forward. 

Airwheel Technology Holding Co., Ltd. founded in 2013 is concentrated on producing intelligent electric scooters with best performance and affordable price. S5 and A3 released this time inherit such merits. Meanwhile, they have been technically modified to meet new requirement. S5 is a member of the well-received S-series. In contrast with the popular S3 and S3T, S5 looks tougher and is more applicable into occupational fields. The battery mounted onto S5 has larger capacity and longer lifespan to ensure strong driving force. The tough device also enjoys stability. Therefore, there is an high expectation on S5 to be applied to various industry sectors.

Another product released A3 is an ingenious pioneer of the A-series. It provides a safer and more comfortable way of riding. A3 has a saddle which makes sitting while riding possible. The new product has given new definition to the urban green transport vehicle. New riding mode of A3 breaks the boundary of the limited five-mile scooting area of self-balancing scooters. The new device is capable of being blended into the mainstream of transport vehicles. After all, A-series is burdened with a revolutionary mission. 

In Airwheel company’s strategic planning, the release of A3 indicates that the company is seeking to explore new business mode in the self-balancing scoter industry. 

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