Brushing and flossing are great practices for dental hygiene, but which practice goes first?

Brushing or flossing combined are great dental hygiene practices.
In addition to brushing your teeth twice daily dentists also recommend flossing to ensure that areas, where the brush can’t reach, are also cleaned and the risk of acquiring a gum disease is reduced substantially.

People that avoid floss tend to leave thousands of bacteria in their mouth, only brushing teeth daily does not ensure complete cleanliness of the mouth.

Floss can reach between teeth and remove any small bits of food and bacteria that a normal toothbrush cannot reach. These bacteria left in the mouth can turn to plaque and tartar that could lead to further complications, recent studies also point that Diabetes may also be caused by the cavities in the mouth.

If the gums and the mouth are not properly cleaned it could result to sore gums, cavities, and other oral diseases therefore it is extremely important to floss at least once daily to achieve the complete oral cleanliness. The timings of the floss are debatable some believe that flossing provides best result if done after brushing while others believe that flossing achieves the best result if done before brushing the teeth, The American Dental Association recommends flossing daily but does not specify the order in which an individual should brush and floss.

Experts suggest that if flossed first the brush can get better access to the areas that it could not reach and it also eliminates all the microbes that are displaced by flossing first, while on the other hand some suggest that flossing after brushing is more beneficial for oral health. Most dentists suggest that a normal individual should floss daily and the order of flossing before or after brushing does not impact the oral health. Flossing is extremely necessary activity that should be done after brushing your teeth to ensure that you get rid of all the food particles in the mouth that could later grow to become microbes and cause several diseases for the individual.

Flossing in combination with brushing provides a complete and clean mouth that creates a fewer risk of gum disease and ensures that you can have happy and bright smile forever. Oral health is usually ignored, but it plays a major part in the overall health of your body and helps in improving your personality as well. Teeth are one of the most visible features that people concentrate on therefore it is important to keep your teeth in perfect health in order to stay healthy, happy and attractive.

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