Credit Suite Releases Highly Anticipated, Newly Updated and Designed, Business Finance Suite

TAMPA, FL – July 02, 2015 – Credit Suite Inc., a leading direct business credit building and financing company located in Tampa Florida, has just released their highly anticipated, newly updated and designed, Business Finance Suite.

Through the finance suite entrepreneurs are guided through the process of building credit for their EIN that’s not linked to their social security number. This type of corporate credit is in the business name, and requires no personal guarantee from the business owner, so the owner isn’t liable for their business debts.

The finance suite has also gained a solid reputation for becoming a leading lending platform, connecting with thousands of lenders and providing business owners with access to the majority of business financial products available today.  This makes it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain money through multiple financial sources without struggling to find funding products they may qualify for.

“Our finance suite has become very popular over the last few years,” states Credit Suite CEO Ty Crandall.  “Now we really look forward to introducing the future of business credit and financing technology to the nation, so even more business owners can get the money they need to start and grow.”

The newly released Business Finance Suite offers many new resources that are designed to simplify the process entrepreneurs go through to get money and credit.  Business owners walk through a series of 6 steps that help them understand credit issuer approval standards, get access to their business credit reports even some at no cost, and build their EIN business credit using vendor and revolving accounts.

“We’ve found that 90% of business owners know very little about business credit,” says Ty Crandall, “the finance suite along with the help of our business advisors simplifies the process of building credit and getting business loans, so even a brand new startup business can obtain much needed capital to grow.”

The new finance suite is mobile friendly so business owners can build their business credit and get loans on the go.  And the new Finance Blueprint Qualifier makes it easy for business owners to quickly know all available funding options they can qualify for, even including private money.

“Most business loans do not come from conventional banks even though that’s where most business owners look, instead they come from alternative and private money lenders,” says Ty Crandall. “The new Business Finance Suite brings the funding to the business owner at the best terms available, and in many cases gets them access to multiple funding options they can qualify for.”

Credit Suite has already started to make waves in the financing industry as their unique model provides business owners access to both business credit and financing in one place. They have dominated the business credit industry since entering the space in 2012, and to date they are one of the biggest and most well-known providers of business credit building services.

Credit Suite currently have over 600 affiliate partners spread across 49 states who offer and promote business credit and financial services through their Business Finance Suite platform. They’ve already helped nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs obtain credit and financing for their business, and they continue to grow at a rapid pace.

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