Top motivational speaker, Lawrence Leyton, creates anxiety beating course “Anxiety-free in under 6-weeks” for anxiety syndrome and panic attack issues

A large number of people are suffer from an enhanced anxiety disorder which causes such distress that it interferes with a person’s ability to lead a normal life. Anxiety or fear holds them back from achieving anything, weakening their confidence and making their lives more frustrating. Lawrence Leyton, an expert motivational speaker, intends to help such people to change their lives for better with his new anxiety-beating course — “Anxiety-free in under 6-weeks”, through which he promises to help them overcome their anxiety/fear. Or else, a complete refund within 6 weeks will be given without any questions.

The effectiveness of his motivational sessions, tools and techniques has are well acclaimed among the masses. One of his company’s runsa hugely successful “fear of flying” program in partnership with europe’s largest airline and has helped over 2000 people last year to overcome their fears. Channel 4 aired his own TV special which was based on his techniques of overcoming anxiety and fear. Now, he aims at using his techniques to help people worldwide by his new online and interactive program.

Reportedly, “Anxiety-free in under 6-weeks” is a 6 week program specifically designed and prepared for people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Lawrence will help and guide people to overcome their anxiety and fear with his expert tips, techniques and effective tools through a set of interactive video sessions. This program includes some really effective tools and strategies, which, when implemented completely, guarantees overcoming anxiety and making people more confident. His expert motivational techniques aim at inspiring people and change their whole outlook towards life. This 6-week expert program will include online interactive video sessions, not merely a slide and a voiceover, but Lawrence will be on camera throughout the program, giving them an experience of personal interaction. 

Many people have already gone through this program and felt the amazing change in their lives and success in overcoming their fears, anxiety and panic attacks. They have given heartwarming reviews to this program by Lawrence thanking him for changing their lives and thereby acclaiming his expertise over the subject. One of the reviews reads “The most impressive thing is that Lawrence really is the real deal and totally understands what you are experiencing. At times I really felt like he was tapping into my personal thought which was pleasantly weird!”

In other reviews people have referred him as a genius and strongly recommended this program to everyone who wishes to overcome anxiety. Most of all, they have really praised the way Lawrence inspires and motivates them, helping them turning their lives around.

About Author

Lawrence Leyton, is a top international motivational speaker and also an entrepreneur. He has helped over 1000 companies around the world, like Microsoft, Kimberly Clarke, Vodafone, HSBC and many more, to change their staff’s thinking and turning them into efficient performers, as well as helping them deal with the the fear of change in the workplace. His hugely successful alliance with europe’s largest airline, testimonies from people, professionals and his vast experience proves his expertise in the field and his effectiveness in curing anxiety, fear, panic attacks and changing people’s lives once and for all.

For those who themselves or know someone who suffers from anxiety and hoping to overcome it can buy and be a part of this program.

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