Introduces New Carbon Fiber German Motorcycle Helmet

American motorcycle and power sports gear brand Get Lost Helmets has recently launched their newest German motorcycle helmet that has entirely been manufactured in USA with Real Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. The brand takes much pride in the fact that the whole helmet start to finish has been made in USA, therefore showcases American ingenuity and engineering. The decision to sell the new Carbon Fiber German Motorcycle Helmet on was taken by the company after considering the larger market size and various benefits offered by to both buyers and sellers.

The product description by Get Lost Helmets states: “MADE IN THE USA – Every component and piece of this helmet is manufactured in the USA. From the unique blend of materials the helmet is made of, to buckles and the straps – this helmet has USA all over it.”

The helmet uses a unique blend of Real Carbon Fiber and Kevlar for high protection, durability and strength. The company claims that the helmet is one of the “Highest Strength Helmet” on the market, providing high protect in the worst possible situations on the road.

Get Lost Helmet spokesperson explained: “When the fiber is compacted and the amount of resin that is injected is measured with greater precision, what results is a shell offering exponentially greater protection than a shell produced without any pressure. Fiber volume is what it’s all about. The right mix of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar produces superior helmet strength. The result is our solid feeling helmet, among the best for the road.”

They have also specified that their German helmet is not DOT rated which is one of the positive elements of the helmet because it does not give wearers the ‘Mushroom Head’ that DOT German helmet are known and disliked for. For maximum comfort the helmet has an Ensolite line and the straps and buckles are easy to use and durable. Finally the chrome mesh weave pattern gives the helmet a serious, hardcore look.

Selling the German helmet on will give buyers a chance to read other customer reviews and feedback. Also many buyers choose to buy from due to the wide variety of each product from different sellers available on one platform allows them to compare and select that matches their needs. Get Lost Helmets is confident that their superior features will urge customer to choose their German helmet over others.

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Get Lost Helmets is a motorcycle and power sports gear and all American brand.

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