Media Strategist Patrick Hurinenko Gets Number 1 New Release On Amazon

The Local Celebrity Method 5 Strategies To Dominate Your Local Market hits bestseller on 3 categories The Local Celebrity Method shows small business owners 5 basic strategies on how to leverage media to position themselves as the authority in their market place.

Media Strategist Patrick Hurinenko has discovered the “secret sauce” to helping business professionals become the undisputed authority in their field. Patrick believes that any business professional not leveraging the power of the media to position themselves as a leader in their field is missing a tremendous opportunity.

Businesses base their marketing plans on which advertising sales professional walks through the front door. Whether it be the yellow pages guy or some person selling a spot on a billboard. The Local Celebrity Method presents a whole new paradigm of how businesses can market themselves and give their clients, patients, customers, subscribers and members a reason to pick them over the guy down the road. The Local Celebrity Method give 5 proven strategies for local business owners to make their competition a non-factor in doing business. As it is written in the book blue ocean strategy “In order to beat the competition stop trying to beat competition.”

Patrick says: “Business Professionals have to walk a completely different path in order to distinguish themselves from the competition. Positioning themselves as the authority, educator and advocate for their prospects is the formula for setting themselves apart from their competitors. This can be achieved by publishing articles, press releases, publishing books and giving away free reports to customers, clients, patients and prospects.”

Patrick Hurinenko is a freelance journalist, independent publisher and best selling author. Patrick is a Media Strategist that helps clients build authority by publishing content, building PR and Social buzz.

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