Online Shopping Carts and Internet Credit Card Processing Made Easy

“Online credit card processing and shopping cart payment systems are now much easier then ever. You can purchase a Stand-Alone or Hosted Shopping Cart for almost free now and pay as you go.”
Shopping carts are more commonly used as a way to display physical products like televisions, groceries, electronic equipment, clothes, and physical items for sale online.

Post Falls, ID – July 2, 2015 – Online Shopping Cart and Online Credit Card Processing Website Now Makes it Easy to Sell Products on the Internet.

Buying and selling products or services online is now a whole lot easier. Using only a person’s e-mail address, you can accept payments and receive money owed to you without ever touching an actual green dollar bill. Of course, not touching it might take some of the fun out of getting paid, but it’s still your money just the same. It’s electronic money.

There are six things to consider when selecting a shopping cart for your website:

1. Your Budget – Is FREE your only option or are you willing to pay?

2. Your Skill-level – Do you have the expertise to edit & install scripts on your server?

3. Desired Functionality – Want a professional results oriented system or a display case?

4. Time – Have time to take away from your business to load all your products? 

5. Security – Do you have the skills to secure your ecommerce shopping cart or is it easier to go with a hosted secure cart?

6. Payment System – Does the shopping cart offer you your own payment system and payment gateway options

You’ll also want a shopping cart that is already set up with your selected payment gatweway and you get a merchant account to accept credit cards, all of them!

There are many studies that show you need to accommodate your buyers so they’ll that you for making it so easy to buy from you. A recent article in spells out the number one reason you should accept credit cards — it increases the probability, speed, and size of customer purchases.

Accepting credit cards can also lower your risks, and increase the likelihood of impulse purchases being made. In fact, Forbes wrote that when people are given more payment options, they’re more likely to not only make impulse purchases, but also spend more per purchase. With the advance on Non Cash Transactions electronic payments is more important then ever!

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