Weight Loss Blog Announces: We can Help Any Dieter Find the Right Weight Loss Plan

Losing weight is possible for anyone, but only when the right plan is chosen state the experts at www.WeightLossaid.org

Weight Loss Aid, an informational blog designed to help match people with the perfect diet plan, has begun a new campaign in an attempt to reach those in crisis. Nearly 70 percent of the American public is overweight and just over half of those within that statistic are not just overweight, but obese. Currently, at least one million people in the United States weigh over 500 pounds. The problem is not that weight loss information is not available, it is that too many are not able to find the right plan for them.

As company spokesman Morris Berry explains, for many of the people desperate for assistance, weight loss is no longer just an issue of vanity, but health. “The American public is experiencing a rise in heart disease and diabetes and much of it is directly related to the excess pounds they are carrying. Even those that are not suffering from these health issues are still tired, experiencing backaches and have an overall diminished quality of life.”

The experts at www.WeightLossaid.org feel that the biggest factor for diet failure is not that people do not try, but that they are using the wrong system. “Everyone is different,” explains Berry. “Metabolisms are different, there are food allergies and genetic factors that need to be considered. A diet that works perfectly for one individual, may cause another to actually gain weight. “

According to Berry, the problems begin when people learn about one diet program, go to its website or read a book about it and then focus all their energy on just that one plan. “Too often people will try and fail and then try the exact plan again. They believe all the fault is on them and when they fail the next time, they give up. What happens is they tend to gain more weight with each unsuccessful attempt making the next attempt even more difficult. They read how this person lost 50 pounds and this one has been able to run a marathon after completing their diet and they mistakenly believe they are the only ones unable to reach their goals.”

With their blog, Weight Loss Aid wants to change that vicious cycle. They are a single source that provides information about numerous plans. They take a look into the Nutrisystem Fast 5 so dieters will know what to expect. They offer an honest opinion of each plan as well as tips and suggestions about weight loss in general. Titles within the site like the Venus Factor diet review you can trust, reveal what people will find when they stop by the website. They also include articles about alternative weight loss methods and the common pitfalls people experience when dieting.

“We want our readers to be successful. We want to hear from them to understand what worked for them and why they think it was so effective. We also want to know when a plan fails a dieter. More than anything we want to give people hope. Losing weight is hard, but being obese is even more difficult. We are here to try to make it easier for others to improve their lives.”

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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