My First Day with Airwheel S5 Electric Scooter — You Are Sure This Is an Electric Scooter?

Loving field outing, I was lucky to learn about Airwheel and Airwheel electric scooters by accident. So as soon as it published its newest Airwheel S5, I jumped to buy it and here I want to share with you my first day with my S5.

It’s proper to take scientific aesthetics as most attracting element to people because intelligent digital devices have been an indispensable part of our life. When I first saw my Airwheel S5 two-wheeled electric scooter, I had known from the bottom of my heart that it was just the vehicle I want. It’s definitely the “Mars rover” on the earth.

The foldable and lighter aluminium alloy shaft is durable and stylish, and contributes to a lighter total weight, which in turn results in a longer range. On the shaft, there is the display screen and the handlebars, which are installed into the human-machine interface with streamlined design. This matches my tastes of minimalism. Then on the main vehicle body, a considerate design in Airwheel S5 intelligent scooters is the handles on both sides of the main board, which make it easier to carry the Airwheel S5. Another astonishment to me is the wheels of S5. When I watched Airwheel S5 on TV or pictures, I didn’t realize how big its wheels are. But at my first sight of S5, I thought: The only thing I can’t do with these big ones is flying.

After I got my S5, I assembled it in just 10 minutes and put it on charge while I prepared my launch. Two hours later I rode it out with only about 90% electricity. For testing the performance of it, I typically chose some tough road conditions like park roads, unsurfaced road, grassland, roads with dirt and bumps, and even slopes. It was amazing that my S5 electric scooter was barely influenced by these tough roads, and I felt almost the same stability and speed as that on flat roads. This is far beyond my expectation because I have been disappointed by traditional electric bikes and cars. When I finally finished “torturing” it, I got home with 7% electricity left 

This is my first day with my S5, what about yours?

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