An Almighty Helper in One’s Life — Airwheel-S5 Electric Self-balancing Scooter

S5 two-wheeled electric scooter not only is designed in robust SUV styles, but also can be used as an almighty alternative transport that provides assistance for varied occasions. Here is a residential security supervisor who has bought a new S5 self-balancing scooter for neighborhood patrols and has a first riding experience with S5.

It was the first night that I patrolled the residential area by riding S5 two-wheeled electric scooter, and I felt both exciting and nervous since I was still not sure whether S5 would be effective for my patrolling. But after patrolling with S5 for an hour, I totally believed that S5 electric self-balancing scooter would always be my best helper.

Why I consider S5 effective for my patrolling work? The first reason comes from the trustworthy power supply that enables the scooter to patrol for a long time. In fact, the larger battery capacity of 680wh guarantees a carefree long-distance riding experience in the city. Besides, S5 resembles other S series scooters in aspect of energy efficiency, which makes S5 even better for power sustainability. That’s why the rider finds that the S5 electric scooter works with strong momentum all the time like a full-powered electric scooter. 

Besides, S5 improves my patrolling experience, making my work more pleasant and relaxing. The rough and robust appearance with large sized 10-inch wheels made by premium tire materials plus the fordable aluminum alloy control shaft makes S5 an exclusive SUV for the rider. And the widened wheel hub diameter of 495mm and SUV-style metal framework of S5 make it possible to arrange other professional equipment if necessary. The durable and competent performances gives the sense of being secure and protective. Riding with such a robust and cool self-balancing scooter, I feel safe and secure from the bottom of the heart.

Previously, my patrolling experience at night was full of boredom and tiredness, however, with S5, the boring patrolling work now becomes a miraculous journey. I will never need to walk through each residential streets on foot, instead, I ride S5 around at a reasonable speed to run through all those streets, which is labor-saving for me. The entire riding experience is simple and cool due to the design of S5 wheels with superior land-holding capacity and superior battery performances, ensuring substantial power supply and powerful momentum and making it easy to negotiate varied terrains during the patrols.

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