Airwheel A3 Sitting-posture electric self-balancing scooters, in Which Both Elegance and Wildness Exist.

Children’s stories tell us: the great contrast between the beauty and the beast makes good stories. Yet Airwheel disagrees, because it believes the perfect combination of beauty and beast makes good stories!

The great contrast in the Beauty and the Beast makes it a great story. Yet Airwheel comes and tells us that combination of beauty and beast makes great “stories”, too! On 18th June, Airwheel published its all brand new product series—A series intelligent scooters. From the official video cut of Airwheel A3, we may know that the pioneering ideas and advanced designs make Airwheel A3 the most beautiful and innovative electric scooter, and the top-quality vehicle units offer A3 strong performances. 

The beauty: the innovative designs and pioneering ideas make Airwheel A3 intelligent scooters the most beautiful scooters ever. In the official video cut, all design details of Airwheel A3 were demonstrated. The light magnesium aluminium alloy frame are sturdy, yet slim and polished to make the Airwheel A3 the tiny and pretty companion to riders. And Airwheel chose the scratch-proof and colourfast shell made of nano mixed materials to make sure that Airwheel A3 keeps its fresh look as long as possible. Then the colour styles combine white and orange representing sporty and joyful elements, and porcelain white and silver representing elegance and tenderness. Definitely the Airwheel A3 deserves the name of beauty in self-balancing scooter industry. 

The beast: the top-quality vehicle units give Airwheel A3 siting-posture scooters the strong performances. In the official video cut, the rider showed consumers the control skills and made some riding trials. With the hands on the handlebars and feet on the pedals, the rider was able to ride Airwheel A3 with a comfortable posture. The genuine leather saddle and hydraulic suspension systems enabled Airwheel A3 to adjust itself while the riders sat on it. Then the rider rode out on the roads. It was clearly that Airwheel A3 ran as smoothly and fast on the flat roads as other Airwheel intelligent scooters do because of the top-quality units inside. You’ll see the same wildness inside Airwheel A3 as that inside other Airwheel scooters. 

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