Airwheel self-balancing Electric Scooter to Offer More Comfortable Riding Experience

Being comfortable is very important for our customer, both physically and mentally. How to make our rider more comfortable is also very important for every Airwheel staff especially engineers and designers.

When choosing a scooter, which point would you stress more attention on? Someone must mention the comfortable riding experience. Though Airwheel electric scooter always keep the concept of people first and user experience as the direction and existing products are all comfortable ones, how to make our customer or riders more comfortable is still what the designer and engineer are working with.

The newest Airwheel self-balancing scooter is equipped with advanced Hydraulic shock absorber. Do not look down upon this adjustment. The hydraulic shock absorber can response quickly and operate stably. This kind of design was originally equipped on the super cross motorbike which can make the motor adjust according to different road condition. What is more, this shock absorber is preset for the urban road, which can make it stable and comfortable even in the twisted and uneven road condition. When you sit on it, you can barely feel strenuous vibration. The hydraulic shock absorber has under 100 times of tests to make it function normally in the service life.

Besides sitting there comfortably, Airwheel A3 electric wheeler can offer you a more quiete riding experience. A3 scooter is equipped with magnetically levitated electric machine. Many people would wonder what it is. Let me introduce the revolutionary change in the newest scooter. Judging from the name, magnetically levitated electric machine means the electric machine is levitated by magnet force generated from the device. This design can take the electric machine bearing away, which can eliminate the friction between electric machine and bearings. What is more, the radial load can be zero. The magnetically levitated electric machine can lengthen the service life of battery to the maximum. What can be felt by the riders easily and directly is that the electric machine starts faster and more stable. You must do not want to accompanied by buzz from electric machine. Airwheel solved this problem now. You would not need to be annoyed. 

Airwheel A3 electric wheeler is sensitive and swift. The response time has already be shortened into 0.05 seconds. You can feel like you and the scooter are connected together. This design can make you control the scooter easier and faster.

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