Support Paul Weithoner, a Cerebral Palsy patient in utilizing his mental abilities to do something creative

Cerebral Palsy is a permanent movement disorder appearing in early childhood, which may cause poor coordination, stiff/weak muscles and much more. A person suffering from Cerebral Palsy is affected badly and finds it very difficult to carry out everyday activities.  Paul Weithoner, Lafayette Co, is one such person suffering from this unfortunate condition but despite his situation, he has always stayed positive. Rather than passing his days cursing things, he wishes to be happy and do something creative. So, he has started a crowd funding campaign to buy a Unity3D game engine where he could work creatively and lead a happy life.

For past 52 years, Paul has been suffering from this condition which has made his life very difficult as most of the money he has, spends in meeting his personal and medical requirements. Although his optimism and positivity has always kept him going in life, his strong will never allowed his medical condition to hinder his daily life activities but his budgetary constraints have held him back from doing all those things which bring some joy to his life.

A strong willed person he is, Paul kept looking for some hobby which could add more meaning to his life. Unity3D is that thing which he found most confident working on. With his limited mobility, he had to look for something where he could use his mental abilities to do something creative and at the same time bringing some pleasure to his life. He found Unity3D as one such platform. Unfortunately again, his budgetary constraints are keeping it far from his reach.

But this time he is fully determined to be positive about things and to make his wish come true. With his never dying optimism, he has started a crowd funding campaign in order to raise funds for attaining Unity3D game engine. It’s the sort of attitude that makes a person proud of himself.

So in order to support his passion, positivity and optimism, you can visit, share and contribute to his campaign.

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Contact Person: PAUL WEITHONER
Phone: 720-938-8565
Country: United States