The Havaiia Family Band\’s new debut album, \’HAVAIIA\’ is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Pandora, Rdio, and Spotify

It is everyone’s dream to drop everything and move to an island paradise, live on the land and snub creature comforts for the real contentment of self-actualization and sufficiency. Everyone also dreams of being a travelling musician, adored by millions. The Havaiia Family Band seems to be living both these dreams.

The group consists of nine family members who relocated from Israel to the tropical Eden that is the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. The family quickly adapted to their new surroundings and absorbed all that the island had to offer; beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, locally-grown organic foods, and ostensibly perfect weather. Their days were full, but at night the family found the quiet of the island rather dull. In an effort to fill the silence, the family started playing music to one another. This started as a form of mere self-amusement, but soon each member of the family had an instrument in hand and a voice of gold. Just like that, The Havaiia Family Band was formed.

2015 finds The Havaiia Family Band moving from a self-driven, self-made group of artists to becoming full time professionals in the entertainment industry. Their self-produced music videos have been played over 30 million times world-wide. Film and television producers are  itching to create a series and full feature movie adaptation of their lives. Their mission is for everyone watching and listening to realize that they too can dream awake! The sweet sounds of HAVAIIA and The Havaiia Family Band’s live-life-to-the-fullest style may be just the wake-up call the world needs. Their new debut family album ‘HAVAIIA’, comprised of 14 songs (7 originals and 7 covers) is sure to bring the Spirit of Aloha to the masses! 

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