Olivery Releases Uniquely Dog-Friendly Leash Collar Combo

Martingale Braided Collar Set Combines Comfort and Safety for Dog and Walker

6 July, 2015 – Olivery Pure Living Inc., pet supply company that makes popular dog training products, announced today that they will provide lifetime quality warranty and offer a free dog training eBook on its new, uniquely humane martingale braided collar and dog leash product on Amazon.com.

The set includes a dog collar, matching dog leash and a LED dog collar light that shows nighttime motorists the location of the dog for extra safety.  The collar and chain are intended to fit medium to large breeds.Customersalso receive a dog training E-book filled with dog training tips and techniques absolutely free.

The dog leash is 47″ in length and 0.78” in diameter, able to hold up to 350 pounds.  It is suitable for dogs with 15.7 to 20” necks.  The set is available in blue-black nylon.  Retail list price is $56.99, but through a limited time special offer, fulfilled through Amazon, the Olivery set is available for just $19.99 – a 65% savings. 

Both dog collar and leash are hand constructed out of eight braided nylon threads that are strong enough to meet the standards used by canine search and rescue teams. With the use of this combo set you avoid the uncomfortable twists that come with the ordinary dog leashes. The dog leash is a 360 rotatable connection ensuring easy movement in dog obedience training classes and everyday walk.

Apart from the point of safety and comfort, what you actually get from this combo set is the ease and the convenience of taking your dogs for outdoor sessions and obedience training classes. You have the option of using it anytime and anywhere without giving the slightest thought to the issues that you normally face using the standard dog leashes available in the market. 

“As every dog lover knows, not every dog leash offers the same experience for dog as well as its owner,” said the spokesperson for Olivery Pure Living Inc. “The quality of the materials, the way the collar is made – these can have a big impact on the dog’s comfort and safety, as well as your own.  We took the dog’s perspective in trying to device a leash/collar combo that would be ideal for everyone. We are always aimed towards providing both value and quality to all our customers. We also ensure all the customers get the best experiences and assurance from the use of the products that we offer. This is the reason we provide lifetime product quality warranty plus the free dog training E-book.”

For more information, visit their product listing on Amazon.com at http://amzn.to/1LUhbsV

About Olivery Pure Living Inc:

Olivery Pure Living Inc. aims to present only the best products with the highest standard of quality. They have introduced a diverse array of consumer products, and use them in their own homes. With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and consumer sales, they provide trusted product sourcing, manufacturing and professional support.

For more information about the quality product Olivery offers, please visit: http://amzn.to/1eHmxgS

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