Singapore Best Selling Author, Gideon For-mukwai, Shares His Storytelling Secrets with US Audiences in July and August

Singapore best-selling author, Gideon For-mukwai, announces his 60-day nationwide speaking and book tour across the USA. For-mukwai begins his speaking tour in Baltimore, Maryland; continuing west to Reno, Nevada., then to Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area of California.

For-mukwai, best-selling author of The Science of Story Selling: How to Win the Hearts & Minds of Your Prospects for Profit and Purpose, is a business storyteller and founder of Business Storytelling Academy.  Today he announces his 60-day nationwide speaking and book tour across the USA. Steeped in the culture of connecting, inspiring and empowering people with the spoken word, For-mukwai cut his teeth storytelling in eighteen countries over the last twelve years.

As a business story consultant and strategist, For-mukwai has helped businesses in Asia, America, the Middle East and Africa to have a greater appreciation of the process of capturing, structuring and unearthing the finest hidden lessons in their back-stories. For-mukwai is leveraging his best-selling author status to share his unique process, The Story DNA Method, which combines both science and art to touch emotions, inspire and motivate people into action.

He is the keynote speaker for an annual culture and development convention in Baltimore, Maryland. The convention is organized by MECUDA, (Meta Cultural & Development Association), a not-for-profit organization that sponsors local and international community projects. The convention brings together attendees from across the US and Canada to discuss best practices, learn how to raise funds, and plan new projects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most MECUDA members, hailing primarily from Cameroon in Central Africa, are first, second and third generation US immigrants. Every year they contribute thousands of dollars to local and international projects relating to culture, education and development. 

For-mukwai’s keynote, “Tell to Triumph,” will entertain and inform more than one thousand professionals comprised of doctors, psychologists, nurses, engineers, agronomists, and teachers.  The presentation spotlights the power of storytelling and narration in winning the hearts and minds of donors in contributing to education, culture and projects that are capable of transforming smaller communities. Attendees will learn the process of sourcing, selecting, crafting and delivering compelling stories to win new friends, fans, advocates, supporters, volunteers, and sponsors from across various economic and demographic strata.

The keynote also highlights similarities between stories from American immigrants with respect to hard work, taking risks, self-determination and the pursuit of happiness. It explores how recent immigrants are using their human struggle stories to inspire others and to connect at a very deep and emotional level.

Following the success of For-mukwai’s latest book, he has set a new goal of empowering one thousand professionals every year with neuro-inspired storytelling secrets and tools for persuasion and audience engagement.

After the keynote, For-mukwai heads west to conduct a series of book tours at public libraries and private book launch events in Reno, Nevada, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area of California.

If you are interested in having For-mukwai speak to your organization or want to know more about his programs, email or call 703-477-1570.

For-mukwai’s book, “The Science of Story Selling: How to Win the Hearts & Minds of Your Prospects for Profit and Purpose” is available on

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