Your One Stop Solution to the Problems of Designing Electrical Distribution Networks

Croydon, London – 06 July, 2015 – Designing and setting up a powerful and useful electrical distribution network is a problem these days. However, with the genuine services of OTDS, this problem can be solved easily and with that perfect result that is generally sought after. OTDS is the name that you can trust when it comes to getting the best power distribution materials throughout Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Founded in the year 1978, the company possesses extensive knowledge and experience in designing electrical distribution networks and in supplying the required materials to Utility & Mining, Gas and Oil industries in UK and overseas. At it is possible to get complete distribution networks ranging between 240v and 132kV.

The manufacturing team of the company possesses the required expertise and the skills in designing an entire electrical distribution network and in supplying the required materials for getting a project live and working. There is not much importance given to the size of the project as with other companies in this field. This is because the company owners and founders have full confidence in the work potential and the caliber of their manufacturing team. At you will get power transformers, cabling accessories, substations, low voltage equipment and overhead line materials. All these products offered by OTDS ensure a fully compatible, comprehensive and care free installation.

There are numerous warehouses and offices of the company located in different areas in the UK. These warehouses have good stocks of the materials required for designing a completely new power distribution system. Power transformers, steel and wooden poles, termination kits, conductors and overhead line hardware, are held in the warehouses for quick delivery to sites where they are required for emergency projects. OTDS is a small company that offers grand performance and possesses the capacity and the capability of working on contracts of any size. The core manufacturing unit of the company enables the clients to reach customers in any part of the world.

The company’s manufacturing head lays great stress on the genuineity of services provided by OTDS by saying, “We are unique by offering our customers with distribution networks upto 132kV and helping them from design through production and execution. We have more than 30 years of experience in performing in almost all environments.”

In the OTDS Transformers category, you will get oil filled transformers, package substations and cast resin transformers. The Overhead Line Materials category includes steel poles, porcelain disc insulators, overhead line switchgear, pole mounted substations and surge arresters. Products in the OTDS switchgear section include containerized substations and ring main units. The power transformers, dry type transformers and distribution transformers manufactured and supplied by OTDS are available in wide preferences of types, styles and ratings. They are best to be used in residential, commercial and oil industry applications. OTDS substations and switchgear are designed to meet the specifications provided by clients. They are best for all types of panel requirements. You can always take the best services of the company for all your power distribution related requirements.

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