Life Mounts Pack Light Threatens to Replace Traditional Hiking Headlamps

Life Mounts, LLC has officially launched their first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ( to raise funds for the revolutionary LED Pack Light, a product that could very likely replace traditional outdoor adventure headlamps forever.  The powerful LED light attaches to the shoulder strap of any sized backpack and features a water-resistant and shockproof 300 lumen flashlight that functions off of a single AA battery and lasts for over 20 hours of burn time.  The light can also easily be removed for hand-held use when needed.

“The camping, hiking, and outdoor adventure communities have needed a pack based lighting product for a long time,” said Christoph Pierre, the pack lights inventor.  “The LED Pack Light fills that need with a powerful, lightweight and affordable solution.” 

The company is offering campaign donors a unique opportunity to receive the very first production lights in exchange for their support on Indiegogo (  With the prototypes currently on the packs of editors and gear testers at Outside and Backpacker magazines, this new twist on hands-free lighting is already making a stir in the outdoor community.

Be one of the very first to receive the new Life Mounts LED Pack Light by contributing to the campaign today.  You can also check out this upstart at

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