The medical field is gearing its way into 3D Printing technology

As the technology develops it would continue to reshape the medical industry by introducing improved treatment methods.
3D printing technology is evolving a rapid rate, with new advancement introduced every day. The technology is being used commercially in order to accomplish feats of engineering that were thought to be impossible in the past.

Scientists are working on different variants of 3D printers that can prints bridges, homes, and food as well. But the technology has proven to be a boon for the medical field. Human body is made up of different cells, bone structures and materials but each human has a uniqueness about his bodily structures and in past it was extremely difficult to create exact replicas of organs and bone structures in order to create a perfect match for different patients, but in past decade 3d printing has been able to revolutionize the process of bio-engineering by granting the doctors with the ability to create exact replicas of artificial limbs for amputees and other patients.

3D printing uses computer models in order to create different geometric shapes that are built by the layering the material over each other in order to create the final shape of the desired product. Different amputees have been able to get the exact replicas of their limbs in order to improve their life. The 3D printing technology has also been immensely helpful in designing back support and other kinds of medical equipment in order improve the life of patients across the globe.

As the technology develops it would continue to reshape the medical industry by introducing improved treatment methods. Scientists at different pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with stem cells and organic materials to create artificial skin and other organs for patients that would increase their survival rate and eliminate the need to wait for donors for a long time. Millions of people around the world die due to the unavailability of proper medical facilities, 3D printing can provide the poor countries with a viable technology that can produce medicine on the spot by combining the required chemicals in perfect quantity and order.

3D printing has amazing replicating abilities that reduce the need of large plants and accomplishes similar tasks in a shorter span of time. There are several different possibilities that 3D printing can assist medical science with, it is an amazing technology that has the potential to change the world as we see it by creating solutions that were impossible before but are now within reach thanks to 3d printing technology.

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