iWood Offer a Huge Range Of Solid Oak Flooring to an Ever Expanding Market

Using solid oak flooring is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and iWood are set to take advantage of this trend.

In recent years, interior designers and architects alike have been turning to the use of solid oak flooring in all manner of building projects both inside and outside of peoples’ homes. Wood and timber merchants such as iWood are reporting that sales are up over 40% on last years levels, partially helped by the housing construction boom that’s currently going on in the UK.

So what’s the reason behind the sudden popularity of using oak for flooring? Well the answer is, it’s not a recent trend at all, using wood furnishing inside homes has never gone out of fashion. The manner in which wood is utilised in homes has changed though, rather than opting for more polished types of wood with expensive finishings, people are now making use of untreated wood to achieve a more rustic and authentic feel to their oak.

Oak is finding increasing popularity due to is easy availability and extremely useful properties as a building material too. Not only does this wood provide a pleasing aesthetic look in things such as oak flooring but it also offers incredible strength and durability characteristics. As well as being used for furnishings, oak is being used internally in the structure of homes as it is a strong enough material to support vast amounts of weight and pressure with relative ease.

This type of material and flooring is continuously being developed too; the latest ranges available to the market have been designed to have long-lasting coatings and finishes. They have also been created to be straightforward to fit and install for most people. People used to be concerned about gaps in between their boards; however with the latest fit-and-click system, these types of tasks can be completed even by people with limited DIY experience.

As well as being incredibly strong, this wood makes an excellent heat insulator. It’s heat insulation properties ensure that it helps to lower energy bills and carbon footprints, both of which are a growing concern in the minds of consumers. Wood merchants are capitalising on this rising demand by offering ever increasing varieties of oak with a large number of finishes. Now consumers have more choice than ever when it comes to oak products and this is a trend that is set to continue.


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