Hibbett Patient Care Tests Patient’s Stress Through Saliva

“Jeffrey Hoover says, “At Hibbett Patient Care, we pride ourselves on custom medications and testing like stress tests through saliva.””
Saliva Measures the Unbound Free Hormone Levels in the Body

Florence, AL – July 7, 2015 – Hibbett Patient Care tests patient’s stress through saliva. Saliva measures the unbound biologically active or free hormone levels in the body. It is proposed that only saliva testing properly measures topically dosed hormones. Studies show that topical delivery of hormones results in increased tissue hormone levels (thus measurable saliva), but no parallel increase in serum levels.

Hibbett Patient Care tests stress through saliva.  They can test the stress hormone, cortisol, four times throughout the day with saliva testing. They then have an accurate line graph of how your body releases its stress hormones throughout the day. Cortisol is the most common culprit of the feelings of “tired and wired.” Patients who cannot sleep but are tired all of the time should have their cortisol levels tested for potential abnormalities. The saliva stress test is available without a prescription.

Hibbett Patient Care prides themselves on offering specialty compounding as well as prescription medications to its patients. The pharmacy offers competitive prices on all medications and patients can enjoy specialty coffee while they wait on their medication to be filled.

Hibbett Patient Care’s Partner, Jeffrey Hoover says, “At Hibbett Patient Care, we pride ourselves on custom medications and testing like stress tests through saliva.”

Hibbett Patient Care was founded on core values such as:

• Focus on the patient and community and everything else will follow.

• Embrace and drive lasting change from the inside out in our industry.

• Pursue growth and learning.

• Build open and honest relationships through communication.

• Be passionate and determined.

• Great is not good enough. Strive for perfection in all areas of pharmacy operations.

• Commitment to community philanthropies.

• Be an open example for all to see and aspire to be.

• Be the drivers of wellness locally and personally.

• Redefine and reinvent medicine for the 21st century.

Hibbett Patient Care offers customized vitamins, supplements, and skin care lines to meet their patient’s individual needs. They also provide compounded sublingual vitamins and supplements for maximized absorbtion.

For more information on Hibbett Patient Care, you can visit their website at www.hibbettpatientcare.com

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