PCD inserts for aluminum alloy face milling and pcbn inserts for cast iron turning

July 8th, 2015 – Problems in Machining Technology. Until the middle of the Twentieth Century, the old standby method for creating machined parts was dependent on grinding or etching away small bits of metal from a blank and required metal on metal or diamond material as an abrasive. The process generated considerable heat and potentially affected the chemical composition of the material being machined and the actual grinding tool. 

Polycrystalline diamond introduced to industry. With the development of pcd, this super-hard material suitable for use in precision cutting tools became a new choice for metal part fabrication. Swift Manufacturing Ltd (China) has developed pcd tipped insert cutting tools suitable for use by industries using turning, milling techniques to fabricate parts requiring special shapes, holes, unique turnings, etc. from a variety of materials ranging from aluminum alloy and tungsten carbide. Fabrication with its pcd insert tooling, one item at a time or in multiples, meets or exceeds national and international specification standards. The stability of pcbn across a broad range of temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius makes it a choice answer to needs requiring ferrous metal machining, and pcd diamond is the hardest material to cut metals. Moreover, manufacturing costs for pcbn and pcd cutting inserts are less than 6% of total costs. 

Preferred Alternatives to Conventional Machining—the pcbn and pcd inserts for hard turning. Swift Manufacturing Ltd has developed the concept of pcbn inserts. There is no need to build a machine totally of pcbn, although Swift can fabricate whole parts of pcbn for proprietary machinery. Instead, inserts with strategically-placed abrasive surfaces covered with the pcbn material can be integrated into milling machinery, e.g., existing cutting tools, turning apparatus, cutting tools, machining surfaces, or tooling. Solid-corner inserts or blanks with strategically placed pin-lock holes to permit locking in of specialized pcbn inserts have been developed by this company. 

Full faced pcd insert has a polycrystalline diamond layer on the insert surface, compound with presintered tungsten carbide base as a substrate, it eliminate the brazing joint with less delamination. Applications for fine machining aluminum alloy, full face milling automobile engine block, turning cast aluminum, tungsten carbide, copper and non metals material. 

Insert Shape for Every Fabrication Need. Inserts are available in a variety of shapes, depending on fabrication machinery purpose and specific application. Different shapes may be used on the same piece of production equipment, as appropriate for multiple applications. Six basic shapes are available, i.e., the Diamond (angles with 80, 55, and 35 degree patterns), the Parallelogram (angle of 55 degree), the Circle, the Square, the Triangle, and the Hexagon. Shapes are customized for size. Sets of inserts for trial purposes are available through Swift Manufacturing Ltd. 

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