Travel back in time with “Prosperity-Italy 1434”, a game set in medieval Italy, available on both Android and IOS platforms

Role playing games have always been the hot favorites of the game lovers. The feeling of being a character himself in fictional settings, the story behind, the strategies to be made, decisions to be taken and consequences to be faced, this all makes game lovers more excited about the role playing games.So, for all the role playing games lovers out there, waiting for something new and exciting to lay their hands on, the much awaited game “Prosperity- Italy 1434” by Entertainment Game Apps. Inc. has now been released, and the App is available for Android as well as IOS users.

The App, as reported, is a result of months of hard work and a successfully run crowd funding campaign to develop the game. As the required amount was raised by the backers in time, the developers made sure that they give them back a perfect gift in the form of an interesting and engaging role play game.Set in the Italian Middle Ages, based on factual characters and events, and comprising interesting alliances, assassins, corruption, battles and much more, “Prosperity- Italy 1434”, is a perfect gift as an App for the game lovers.

The App allows the player to virtually become a lord of prosperity and transform it into a fortress from a mere village. Players get to rule the master craftsmen, build up their own army, master of arms, herald, treasurer and much more. Since the game has been set in Italian middle ages, the App has been made to cater the need of keeping the middle age feel alive and make it more realistic. The craftsmanship, the economic system, the clans and regions and the battle manners, everything is paid huge attention to, in order to make the player feel that he has travelled back in time.The player can become a ruler, make alliances, propose weddings, raise armies, and fight battles to rise and become the most powerful nobleman of 1434.

The app provides many interesting missions to complete as well as an option to compete against other players. Further, it also has an option for the player to be elected as a chief, if successful, through elections held every 15 days, so strategize to get on this adventurous journey of becoming the most successful ruler of the game and win honor and fame.

As stated, the Entertainment Games App s. Inc has loaded the App with a welcome kit for the players including 30 archers, 15 crossbowmen, 25 light and 5 heavy cavalrymen, 30 light and 10 heavy infantrymen, 10 lancers, 1 spy, 1 assassin and five hunters and as a gift, 50 golden florins will be given to each player at the start.

The App for this fascinating game, which was released in January 2015, has been developed to run and made available on both, Android and iOS platforms, making every game lover able to be a part of this adventure, whatever platform he might be using.



So all the game lovers out there can download this Appand make their destiny in the lands of “Prosperity- Italy 1434”.

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