Sales Skills Training Seen To Boost Business Growth

Employee’s skills training are reported to be one of the key strategies for businesses to improve their sales performance, TRAINETasia reports. The training and consultation company has been assisting small and medium businesses to accelerate their sales by equipping the employees with important sales techniques.

With the rapid changes happening in industries today, businesses often face challenges to stand out amidst competition. If the organizations products and services are not well differentiated, they often find themselves faced with the reality of being perceived as a commodity. And as a result these organizations will almost always face with the issues of price squeeze and subsequently a decline in sales when competition strikes.

To counterthis, TRAINETasia has moved towards capacitating the salesforce with important selling skills, skills to differentiate and promote the uniqueness their offering, in order to stay ahead.

The sales team are the main operation of a business that keeps the business afloat. The size of the sales team varies from a small group of two to a size of 50 or more depending on the operation of the organization. (this text in red could be omitted if we have enough words for the submission) The sales team should always be ready and resilient to the changing trends within their own industry. It is important that sales team are constantly being upgraded in terms of their selling skills and TRAINETasia has specialized its training programs and modules to assist and equip the sales team of every business to achieve its unique sales competencies.

“Not many businesses are able to see their weaknesses from within. Many managers that we’ve met just continue to push their sales team week after week, and still do not get the right results,” said Shane Lee, expert sales trainer, speaker, and lead consultant for TRAINETasia.

According Lee, a third-party perspective on how a business or company is performing provides a more comprehensive approach to improving the sales and marketing strategies. Operating since 2009, Lee and the rest of the TRAINETasia team has been conducting sales training for big and small companies in Malaysia, helping them increase sales and overall business performance.

During a typical sales training from TRAINETasia, every team member will be assessed for their unique skills and specialization.  At the same time, the TRAINETasia team will also conduct their own business process analysis for its client.

“We design our sales training programs based on the specific needs of the clients. Not all companies require the basic sales techniques, some just need a brand revaluation and appreciation in order to sell better,” explained Lee.

TRAINETasia also offers business consultations and training modules for companies who do prefer to train their own employees. The modules will be customized and tailored to the client’s specification and requirement. These services are guaranteed to be equally effective in helping a business standout amongst its competitors.


TRAINETasia is a training and consultation firm that specializes in sales and team performance. The company is currently being headed by Shane Lee, a sales coach, speaker, and renowned business consultant.

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