The New Thought of Bio-Chemical Medical Science by Dr. SHYAMAL DUTTA, President & C.E.O, BEGC

In the history of Molecular Science this was known to the Ancient Indian Philosophers. Indian Philosopher Kanada named this tiny molecular as atom. Every matter has its own atomic power. From Indian History we come to know about chemical science from the Great Medical Philosophers like Charak. 

From 1808 A.D. Dalton’s Atomic Theory Invention the medical science developed with great progress. At First. Dr. Hahnemann had started the Examination with Inorganic chemical salt. After 1832 A.D. Dr. Constantine Hering published in German Medical Journal about Tissue Salt. Limes Potash. Silica etc. in May 1873 A.D. Dr. W.H. Schuessler had published the USC of Tissue Salt Medicine An abridged Homoeopathic therapeutics. In German Medical Journal after this, Dr. Herring had published two books ‘Twelve Tissue ’ Recommended for Investigation.

After 1873 A.D. Dr. W.H. schuessler gave a great value to organic & inorganic Chemical Tissue Salt. According to Dr. W.H. Schuesuler’s Theory all life physical & mental works slowly decreases and this Deficiency is covered in climate that exist as Food, Water, Lime, Potash, Silica, Salt etc.

From the theories of Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Herring & Dr. W.H. Schuessler. I have made a vast progress in my Bio-chemic system. I pay tribute to them.

Personally I pay my tribute and homage to Dr. W. H. Schuessler. I, Dr. Shyamal Dutta, define Bio-chemic as under:




M=Medical & Medicine


C=Characterization of Chemicals

The detailed study of the above words is Bio-chemic Medical system. Bio-chemic Medical Books. Bio-chemic Pharmacopoeia & Educational system. At first spread by Bio-chemic swasthya West Bengal & Bio-chemic Education Grant Commission. server the treatment & Education above two units serve for social welfare to the common people of India the above two units are controlled by Indian Bio-chemic A 2009, Rules 2009.

Bio-chemic Medical is a new thinking of treatment in the field of medicine which includes the modern scientific cause of disease. The cause may be natural or unnatural but the principle is constant which depends on the ‘Theory of Deficiency’. Deficiency is the fundamental cause of the cause i.e. deficiency of organize & inorganic bio-chemic salts and chemicals. The inorganic bio-chemic salts are and chemicals are known as biominerals. The biominerals are the minerals present in the Human Body.

According to ‘Deficiency Theory’ – deficiency of biomineral is the cause of disease and the disease is the effect of deficiency of biominerals are the smallest in quality among the constituents of the Haematic body, but yet  these are essential elements of the Heamatic body. The structure and factions of all constituents of Haematic body depends on biominerals, i.e. chemicals, organic & inorganic salts.

The New Thought of Bio-Chemical Medical Science:

  1. Bio-chemic means “Bio-chemic Bio=Life, Chemic C = Chemistry, H = Haematic, E = Education, M = Medical & Medicine,  I = Investigation, C = Characterization of Chemicals” – derived from ‘BIOCHEMISTRY’
  2. It is an unique and modern medical science.
  3. Bio-chemic system of Medical has its own basic science “Bio-chemic” which is up to date combining knowledge of “History of  Bio-chemic”
  4. Bio-chemic system of Medicine is the applied field of “Bio-chemic” for treatment various disease.
  5. More or less 80 Bio-chemic medicines may be applied for treatment of sick, but this system are sufficient to cure diseases either acute or chronic provided it is curable at all.
  6. Bio-chemic methods are known as which are nicely utilized  with other remedies of any therapy.
  7. Bio-chemic System of Medicine in natural, safest and helpful to other. It should be legally, freely and independently students and Dr. “The state Bio-chemic Medical Council” and the “The center Bio-chemic Medical Council” under Bio-chemic Education Grant Commission.

Source: BEGC – President & CEO

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