Social Ad Trader: a cutting-edge social media site with global reach

New site is free and enables users to connect with people from all over the world.

The latest, and most versatile, social media site is now available to people all over the world.

Recently launched by World Ad Trader, Ltd., an on-line marketing company in the United Kingdom, it’s called Social Ad Trader ( and reaches folks in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

World Ad Trader ( also provides an on-line advertising site, World Ad Index ( All three sites are linked together at the bottom of the page.

“It’s like Craigslist, but with better functionality and presentation,” explains World Ad Trader Marketing Manager Chloe Philips of London.

Social Ad Trader is free to join and allows users to log in with their Facebook account.

“You can connect with current friends and make new friends all over the world,” says Philips. “Users can create social groups, link photos and videos, and draw comments on their postings. Social Ad Trader also enables businesses, organizations and individuals to advertise upcoming events.”

Along with World Ad Trader and Word Ad Index, Social Ad Trader provides a global marketplace where people from all over the world can communicate with each other and connect.

“Through this extensive network, we’re enabling people to make purchases and learn about businesses in other parts of the world,” says Philips. “It’s a distinctive brand and these are all very special sites.

“People can conduct business and initiate social interactions quickly and easily. And because we have a worldwide reach, they can find the best deals anywhere and connect with people from other countries.”

The graphics on World Ad Trader and Word Ad Index contain links that enable users to view their websites with one simple click. In some sections, the graphic ads last up to 25 years.

If you’d like to become a part of this global community or have any questions, visit, or, or contact Philips at

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