Airwheel Intelligent self balancing scooter review: Development in Italy

Airwheel intelligent scooter has won great favor for its premium quality within the Italian intelligent transportation industry. The Italian branch of Airwheel has also compared with the carbon dioxide emissions of the intelligent scooter and bicycle so as to prove the eco-friendliness of the scooter. Besides, it also takes measures to push the legislation on the traffic regulation of scooters.

Protecting the natural environment is what every country is striving for, including Italy. As an international reputed brand of intelligent scooter, Airwheel has also won substantial favor in Italy for its premium product quality. At the 2015 Airwheel New Product Release Conference, Zampieri Luca Ernesto, the agent of Italy market, made a speech on the market prospect of Airwheel intelligent scooter in Italy.  

According to Mr. Ernesto, Airwheel electric scooter represents the trend of future transportation. On the one hand, Airwheel has employed advanced technologies to ensure the scooter is noise-free. Basically, environmental protection is for providing a better life for everyone. Therefore, noise problem has also aroused a lot of attention from many developed countries. As to Italy, it is able to launch relevant laws and regulations on the noise limit of travelling vehicles. Known as a beautiful tourist city, Venice has officially banned noisy suitcases on the roads. For Airwheel, it is not a concern at all. Because every scooter by Airwheel is equipped with magnetic levitation motor, quietness is the very prominent feature of it. 

On the other hand, it is more environmentally friendly than bicycle. If anyone is asked which one is more eco-friendly, the self-balancing scooter or the bicycle, he would probably say the latter one. However, the truth is the opposite. Hence, there is no doubt that the electric scooter is the second-to-none vehicle conducive to the environment.

Electric scooter has just emerged as a vehicle for transportation these years, so the relevant legislation of many countries is immature. To push the legislation in Italy, the Airwheel agents there organized a team of lawyers and consultants and submitted a legislative proposal to the Italian traffic department, hoping that the electric scooter will become a universal transport in Italy. The result still remains to be seen. 

It seems that the low-carbon travelling reform led by the electric scooter is not easy and has a long way to go. And Airwheel will always keep striving for the future of the scooter.

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