Airwheel one wheel self balancing scooter Decorated with Starry Sky Painting

As we all know, DIY is a current trend over the globe. People love to decorate their things in their own way. A foreign guy bought an Airwheel self-balancing scooter and painted starry sky on it with a marker. With the decoration, the scooter looks quite out of the ordinary.

Everyone is familiar with hand-painted shoes, especially plimsolls. Various decoration styles also reveal different people’s preferences. However, hand-painted scooters may sound a bit strange and unfamiliar.

Recently, a picture has been posted on Facebook, in which a foreign talent painted his twin-wheeled scooter with starry sky. Out of sudden, this Airwheel scooter is upgraded to a limited edition from an ordinary one. Unique and splendid, it is the one and only scooter in the world, which can be deemed as a true artwork. Riding such an Airwheel electric scooter, anyone can be under the limelight of the public wherever he goes. 

Actually, this painted electric scooter is a kind of paint vehicle as well. Paint vehicle is not necessarily a car. As long as one loves it enough, he can paint any vehicle at his will. Over the past few years, it has aroused a lot of attention from the public as a low-carbon vehicle, attracting quite a sum of scooter lovers. Apart from the one who painted starry sky on the scooter, some scooter owners would use some strips of different colors to decorate it. In fact, there is no restraint on the ornaments. Users can paint whatever they like on the self-balancing scooter. For a foodie, he can paint pizzas or noodles on the scooter; for a comic fan, he can paint some anima icons on it.

Powered by electricity, the scooter gives off zero gas emissions, which is also conducive to the environment. Also, since it is equipped with magnetic levitation motor, it is totally noise-free during the ride. With the dashing self-designed outlook and powerful features, the Airwheel electric scooter will definitely make its rider the focus of the passers-by on the road.

Electric scooter is supposed to be a transport that displays individual character. With the scooter, one is free to pursue his dream and go to any desired destination. Therefore, for anyone who owns an Airwheel electric scooter, he should decorate it in his own style based on his personal preference out of his creativity. 

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