Airwheel Self-balancing Scooter for adults in the High-tech Era

As technology advances rapidly, people are getting increasingly interested in high-tech products. In such an era, Airwheel electric scooter, product of the integration between technology and aesthetics, undoubtedly has won substantial favor from the users.

In the 21st century, with the development of social economy and the improvement of technology, people show more and more interest in the high-tech products, such as Apple Watch, sweeping robot and also electric scooter

As a brand that is always devoted to technology development, Airwheel has topped other brands within the industry in terms of quality and design. Featuring eco-friendliness, portability and safety, Airwheel intelligent scooter is deemed as an edge-cutting vehicle all over the world. Currently, most cities are troubled with serious environmental pollution. However, Airwheel intelligent scooter, environmentally friendly and cost efficient, emits no exhausts and travels faster than bicycle, reasonably serving as the benchmark of the new generation of green transports.

For the sake of different needs of consumers, Airwheel has designed a variety of models, including the classic X-series, splendid S-series, pretty Q-series and the new pioneering A-series. 

As to the X-series, the X8 is the most typical one. Apart from being mounted with lithium-ion batteries, magnetic levitation motor, Cheng Shin tires and nano synthetic resin case, it is equipped with advanced power system, enabling it to negotiate whatever terrains it is faced with. 

Speaking Q-series, no one should ever leave alone Q5. What makes Q5 different from others lies in its prominent outlook, bright and dashing. As the bestseller among the Q-series, Q5 not only owns the respectively pretty outlook but also has the upgraded operation system. Because of the system, Q5 is able to react faster and consumes less energy.

When it comes to S-series, the S3 is definitely the signature of the series. The self-balancing scooter S3, designed in a wild style similar to Lamborghini’s, adopts imported batteries and 1000W motor, which looks succinct and fashionable.  

Some may feel a bit strange about the A-series, which is the latest series launched by Airwheel. There is only one model of this series–A3. A3 is a sitting-posture riding model, aimed at setting in motion a new era of sitting-posture scooter. Plus, A3 be connected into users’ phone via APP. This marked another great stride in intelligence. 

Airwheel is dedicated to making constant progress on the product development, which is probably why it becomes a hit in the world.

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