New Company, Unique By Nature, Empowers Women Entrepreneurs through Microloans

One of the global business community’s most esteemed female leaders, Sezer Aksoy, has established a new company which seeks to help women in Turkey find independent success by creating sustainable businesses.  This company, Unique By Nature, intends to generate more than a 1,000 female led startup operations within the next three to five years.  Unique By Nature offers Turkish women an opportunity to achieve commercial success by providing a microloan.  These small loans are very minor investments for most U.S. residents, but they can help provide the seed money for a flourishing business and the chance to vastly improve the lives of these women and their families.

In Turkey, only about 6 percent of companies are owned by women; this is due primarily to cultural and economic barriers.  As one of Turkey’s leading female entrepreneurs and a highly respected management consultant, Sezer Aksoy, has recognized the immense untapped potential in Turkish women.  With only a few thousand dollars, Unique By Nature could reshape the business landscape of Turkey. 

Unique By Nature has adopted a highly successful business model that has been utilized to empower women and the impoverished in many developing countries, but it still requires the seed money necessary to develop its own production facilities and begin making loans to entrepreneurial partners.  In order to obtain these funds, Unique By Nature has begun a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of raising $7,500.  These funds will go to paying for the Indiegogo campaign, Funding for Women International, and production of donor perks.  Financial contributors may receive a variety of handcrafted key holders and mini wallets, which are produced by Unique By Nature.  To learn more about this historically important project or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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