New Film “Demon” Is an Exciting and Suspenseful Actioner with an Intriguing, Supernatural Story

The movie industry has become dominated by special effects films with little heart and even less intellectual heft, but a new filmmaker Oliver Lavery-Farag has created a truly unique story that deserves the feature length film treatment. The film entitled “Demon” is an innovative twist on the ancient story of fallen angels involving a possibly repentant demon and a victimized murderess. The film’s two protagonists offer mysterious motives and startling decisions that will keep viewers mesmerized until the thrilling climax.

Oliver Lavery-Farag has already established himself as one of the film industry’s brilliant new minds. Having already produced such acclaimed short films as “Peach,” “Appointment,” and “Finite Lucidity,” Oliver has proven that he possesses a unique ability to produce altogether new imagery, engaging dialogue and masterful performances. He has already produced trailer for “Demon” that showcases the one of a kind story and first class production value.

The story of “Demon” focuses on Surial, a fallen angel who escapes hell and takes control of the human body of Grahame Nilsen, a criminal and the subject of a police investigation. Instead of dispatching back to hell, archangel Gabriel allows him to remain on Earth and assist Sophie who killed her violent boyfriend after he attacked her.

In order to transform this story into a feature length film, Oliver will need financial support from the public. Oliver has budgeted his film at £350,000, and has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise these funds which will be used for pre-production, filming, logistics, editing, distribution and many other aspects of the moviemaking process. With help from the public, Oliver can create the film masterpiece that his story deserves.

In return for supporting this project, backers can receive valuable perks like 4k film downloads, DVD’s, Blu-rays, T-shirts, posters, film credits, signed media, tickets to London premiere, executive producer credits, role in the film or have a personal logo included in the beginning credits. Supporters can also help the project by sharing news of “Demon” on Facebook or Twitter. To learn more about “Demon” or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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