6.4 Million Children Nationwide Now Diagnosed with ADHD and the Numbers Continue to Rise!

“The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease, “NTCED” the Nation’s Largest Medical Facility Providing Medical Testing and Treatment for Mold Exposure Victims and Mycotoxin Poisoning.”
The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease, also so known as the “NTCED”, stated today that ADHD is on the rise and growing at a rate of 5% per year. That means an additional 320,000 children will be diagnosed with ADHD in 2016, the medical community remains dumbfounded by the sudden explosion and has no idea as to the cause of it.

NTCED Spokesperson, Anita Hill, announced today that the culprit causing this exponential growth in ADHD diagnosis may be closer to home than anyone can imagine, as a matter of fact, it may just be that, your home! Neurotoxins emitted by toxic mold growing inside of homes having water leaks can become toxic to the brain, causing not only a diagnosis of ADHD, but also misdiagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, Lupus, MS, depression, anxiety, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, leaky gut syndrome, celiac disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a host of other misdiagnoses.  

Hill further stated that the majority of doctors are puzzled why these syndromes are growing at such an alarming rate with seemingly no medical explanation or understandable cause. The fact remains a cause such as environmental toxins are commonly overlooked, and the patients are simply placed into a category of diagnosis which seems to best fit their symptoms. The patients symptoms are then treated with bandaid treatments for years even though the doctors have never been able to isolate the cause of the condition or symptoms, leading to routine misdiagnosis and never being able to provide the patient effective and corrective treatment.

Hill further said that once these toxins involve the brain, they also engage the HPA Axis, or the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands, forcing unregulated hormone and protein production. The results of these complex chemicals being produced may result in numerous conditions and diagnosis including ADHD, Dementia, and other neurological dysfunction.

Hill reports that The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease has had tremendous results in the battle with ADHD, and that there is a simple urine test that can be taken to determine if there may be an underlying medical cause not previously detected that may mimic the symptoms of ADHD. This test can be the difference between a child getting off medication, or taking medication for life.

When a person is diagnosed with a syndrome, or condition that requires maintenance based medication, they are making the decision to just give up and resign to the fact that this will be a lifelong condition, one they will have to live with. Sadly enough in many cases this is not true and with a little research and persistence many have found out what they had previously believed to be a lifelong condition is actually a treatable and curable condition.  

Those who have been diagnosed with any chronic illness should look at their present and past environmental conditions whether at home, work, or school, and if indoor water damage was present at the time of their diagnosis, or shortly thereafter, they may be wise to seek a second opinion. 

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