Willingboro NJ Real Estate Agent Martha Boyer Featured as Real Estate Influencer

Martha Boyer, owner of Imani Realty & Associates is skilled at helping home buyers and sellers and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. She has learned how to adapt to the ever changing landscape of the real estate world.

Willingboro, NJ – July 13, 2015 – Martha Boyer was recently featured in Real Estate Influencers Magazine as a successful and prominent real estate agent. Boyer has been living and working in Willingboro, New Jersey for decades. Willingboro is the type of town where people move to settle down, have a family and raise kids. Buying a home is an integral element of that journey, and Boyer delights in being a part of it.

For Boyer, it’s all about the America dream. Boyer begin working as a receptionist in a real estate office and noticed that one of the top agents had an unrivaled enthusiasm for the job.

According to Boyer, “She [the top agent] was on top of the world. One day, I said to her, ‘Carol, what drives you to do this?’ She said, ‘The American dream. That’s what drives me to do that.’ It stuck with me because it sounds so simple, but there are so many people who never achieve that goal of the American dream.”

More than 30 years later, she’s helped countless families during their pursuit of the American dream. She has seen how the turbulent real estate market has created some notable changes. Boyer highlights how many buyers still believe they won’t need to provide detailed finances when applying for a home loan. Boyer always has to point out that this ended in 2006 when the bubble burst.

Through her decades of experience, Boyer has helped different types of people secure home loans. She has noticed that self-employed individuals have a notoriously difficult time providing all of the required documentation. Boyer advises that any self-employed people wishing to have an approved loan have two years or more of income verification.

Boyer highlighted in her feature in Real Estate Influencers that anyone with subpar credit should meet with a financial professional prior to applying for a home loan. This meeting will help provide realistic expectations about when the person can buy a home. Those with poor credit will need to learn how to become credit-worthy prior to purchasing a home. Having a game plan is the key to success, according to Boyer.

The sellers’ market of the post-2006 bubble is no more. Boyer states that the present market in her town doesn’t seem to favor buyers or sellers. Some homes sell quickly; others don’t. Boyer has noticed that upgrading the home (such as with a kitchen remodel) and other improvements to the property are becoming increasingly important in selling a home.

Boyer puts her decades of experience to work when helping those in Willingboro and surrounding areas buy and sell homes in their pursuit of the American dream.

Imani Realty & Associates is a real estate brokerage operating in Willingboro NJ.

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