Society for Social Development (SSD) — an initiative of Parinama Group of companies

Society for Social Development’s CSR Strategy is to empower communities through the development of human and social capital. Society for Social Development is an initiative of Parinama Group of companies.

With a view to make its CSR Policy sustainable, Society for Social Development’s (SSD) activities have been based on its core competencies of skills-training and capacity building. Our business associates look beyond the company bottom-line and support SSD’s approach towards societal betterment. To turn ambitious aims of quality education, women empowerment and environmental/health awareness into ground reality, Society for Social Development has been deeply involved with social welfare and development programs in West Bengal, Jharkhand and South India regions. To execute on overarching goals such as promoting quality education, SSD undertakes initiatives such as training teachers, providing digital literacy, curriculum planning and hands-on primary teaching assistance at village schools. SSD planned to setup 270+ Pre-school & Primary Schools in this financial year.

Society for Social Development’s commitments include:

Village Development Plan

With the support of our director, Mr. Santosh Lohar, Society for Social Development launched a complete holistic development programme for villages called “Global Village Mission” and a child education programme “Global Village SchoolThe idea behind the programme was to strike at some of the root causes of disaffection of village people with the system besides tackling poverty and unemployment. Through programes like Global Village School, children from extremely impoverished and marginalized areas are identified, encouraged to go to school, provided monetary support for a decent education, and also provided soft skills and vocational training to escalate chances of employment. “Global Village Mission” is supported by Media Mitra Team of Council of Information and Broadcasting.

“Global Village Institute of Educational Research and Development”

For making young people participate in the village development program we promote various vocational training, certification and diploma program in Allied Healthcare, IT, Bio-Medical System, Telecom, BFSI etc and providing employability skills to underprivileged youth in the said areas. Students of different age groups from three different villages had been participating in our training sessions.

Volunteerism and Internships

For students of schools and colleges which are in partnership with SSD, volunteerism is not only a short term commitment but it is a way of life as they understand that they are making a huge difference to the communities around them by driving a variety of volunteering projects. It includes coaching students from local government schools in English, Science and Math, promoting awareness programs in health education and environments, while also taking care of children with special needs. 

Our Impact

“As a long time student, teacher, professor and administrator, I am aware of time and energy that a student of B-School or a tech university requires to put in for getting a certificate / diploma / degree. Despite this, these young people still find time to work on social causes and volunteering programs is a humbling experience for me. It’s demonstrating fact that those who volunteer while keeping their work life balance are amongst most committed, conscientious citizen we have and creating such conscientious citizen in our country is what should be the aim of education in the present era.”

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