Introducing Genius Hip Hop: Today\’s Most Modern and Socially-Conscious Hip-Hop Music Site is the new home of socially conscious/intelligent Rap music, for Hip-Hop enthusiasts all over the world

Genius Hip Hop is a new and innovative online streaming service that caters exclusively to conscious Hip Hop and Rap listeners. The online interface allows for extreme user flexibility, while offering a wide range of choices from today’s favorite artists. Users will enjoy poignant lyrics which seek to speak to both the mind and soul. This new service is the first of its kind to offer music that the public deserves and has been waiting for, and now the wait is over.

Offering the most premier interface, the site optimizes today’s best in socially-conscious music, and offers it all for FREE. Today’s top artists and modern beats are showcased in a new and user-friendly manner. Relevant artists are highlighted and leave the listener reeling for more. This unique and groundbreaking site offers the ability to get lost in the newest and most progressive genre, intended for today’s savvy listener.

Listeners have the choice a daily DJ-selected radio station, available through live365 or TuneIn, or the ability to enjoy customized playlists. While offering multiple ways to access the exclusive music, Genius Hip Hop also provides users with fresh content through in-depth articles and videos related to the goal of elevating rap songs to the level of Poe, Shakespeare, P.K. Dick or Emerson. Also, boasting millions of songs to choose from, there is something for everyone, even the most distinctive taste.

This service offers online account creation for instant access to favorite artists and tunes today. Membership is not required, but encouraged. Membership enables listeners to be a part of the exclusive “Genius Vault,” which allows music to be emailed directly with perks and exclusive content.

On the potential of the project of, the website admins remark, “It’s like stream of consciousness flow if you could pick the minds of 1,000 scholars.”

Visit and stay tuned for the mobile app.

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