Donate Your Closeout Food and Beverages, Overstock, Excess Inventory, Close Dated — And Feed Our Hungry USA Veterans Today

*Over 630,000 US Veterans are hungry and homeless on any given night, and almost 1.5 million Veterans are at a risk of going hungry every night!

Warrior Food Project, a 501c(3) non-profit charity food liquidation organization from the USA is on a mission to help veterans and their families fight hunger by providing them food and beverage manufacturer closeouts, overstock and excess inventory food and beverages. They are currently welcoming all high volume, LTL and multiple pallet food and beverage manufacturer donations to make a difference by helping feed veterans, their spouses and their children.

Our #1 mission here is to provide a viable alternative for manufacturing businesses like yours the opportunity to responsibly donate your food & beverage closeouts through our “Veteran Donation Program”.

This program focuses on economically and morally gaining the most social value from closeouts and overstocked food and beverage items… while at the same time, promoting outreaches to help feed hungry Veterans as well as their families nationwide.

Warrior Food Project is America’s most highly trusted and respected non-profit food liquidation charity organization. We accept as donations over productions, close dated items, package changes, discontinued goods and seasonal items. They pickup nationwide at your warehouse and deliver directly to veteran food banks, food pantry’s and VA Hospitals.

Due to recent economic crisis and unfortunate situations, hundreds of thousands of veterans are in a hunger battlefield. Besides, what’s more disturbing is that fact that their kids and spouses are suffering too, and are facing the wrath of hunger which has made the whole situation more appalling. However, all this can be changed if the business community join hands and partner with the Warrior Food Project to provide these hungry veterans with basic food and beverages by donating their closeout food and beverages.

The Warrior Food Project aims to fight Veteran Hunger through:

  • Community food pantries, local food banks and Veteran Hospitals which can provide regular supply of food and beverages to the Veterans and their families
  • Distribution of related goods & services
  • Public awareness & outreach

They are accepting donations in the form of Closeouts, Close-Dated, Package Changes, Out-of-Date, Excess Inventory, and Overstock Food and beverages of any kind. Moreover, those who will make donations will receive generous tax donations.

By donating your goods, you’ll be able to save money, reduce waste, receive generous tax benefits, and most of all…help nourish our Veteran community and their families who are in desperate need. Just last year we received over 2.5 MILLION pounds of food from local businesses just like yours, and this helped feed more than 82,000 hungry Veterans each month.

We’d like to kindly ask you for any donation that you can give. We accept high volume donations of over-productions, close dated items, packaged items, discontinued goods and even items that are slightly out of date. We’d be happy to stop by your warehouse and pick up the items with our own trucks. We can haul items that are shelf stable, canned, frozen, refrigerated, or even on pallets. We pick-up nationwide at your warehouse!

For more information, simply visit:

About Warrior Food Project

Warrior Food Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed towards helping feeding hungry USA Veterans and their families by accepting food & beverage manufacturer closeout donations direct from USA food and beverage manufacturers.

For Nationwide Pickup, please visit: or call direct at (561) 317-9913.

For more information, contact:

Larry Denis, Managing Director
Warrior Food Project
EIN# 47-1199675

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Company Name: Warrior Food Project
Contact Person: Larry Denis, Managing Director
Phone: 561-317-9913
Address:13560 Sabal Palm Court
City: Delray Beach
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