Extraordinary Personal Achievement Breakthrough Program Unveiled

Bold new business development program attracts motivated professionals, entrepreneurs and top performers allowing for incredible personal breakthroughs and leveraging them into major gains in wealth, health, life balance and spirituality.

St Marys, Tasmania, Australia – July 13, 2015 – Barbara Longue, CEC announced the July 13, 2015 public release of the powerful new business development program: Globe Trotting Entrepreneur – a 6 week business reinvention intensive.  

Globe Trotting Entrepreneur — a 6 week business bootcamp for motivated people, professionals and entrepreneurs, to: start exactly where they are, shed old habits and create new powerful paradigms and practices which can be leveraged into significant gains in wealth, health, life balance and spirituality.

“This program allows public access to powerful principles and techniques for incredible breakthrough achievement, developed and used for years by top performers in multiple disciplines,” said Barbara Longue, creator of the breakthrough system. “The pace of change, and the demand for business and personal excellence drives a critical need for this groundbreaking program and its astounding results.”

The new program dovetails perfectly with other powerful tools developed by Longue in her decades-long quest for personal excellence, wealth creation and assisting others to maximize and fully enjoy their own unique talents and gifts and be able to live and work anywhere they want in the world.

Developed based on personal experience and success, feedback from clients and from research of cutting edge achievement technologies and principles, this new program creates faster, more focused development of value and wealth, transformation of habits and paradigms and a an immediate method of assessing and measuring progress.

These programs are available on-line and the personal coaching is conducted over the phone so participants are not limited by geography and can participate from all over the globe.

Longue, a Certified Extraordinary Coach, is a pioneer in the creation and delivery of innovative and powerful programs for maximum performance. She has a book in publication, has created multiple programs and helped hundreds and inspired thousands over the years with her no nonsense, practical style. Her work helping coaches find new clients got her the nickname “The Legend of Barbara” by the award winning author and coach Christian Mickelsen.

To find out more, please visit www.globetrottingentrepreneur.com

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