From travelling across 35 countries solo to becoming a renowned author, consultant and marketer, Suejata has done it all!

Suejata is an internationally renowned Author, consultant and marketer, who holds a passion for travelling which led her to travel across more than 35 countries solo. She has been featured into a lot of magazines and newspapers including April 2015 issue of popular magazine ‘Women’s Era’, setting herself as a role model for travel lovers, especially the women solo travelers.  She has gained enormous experience and knowledge through her education, work experiences in IT industry, and meeting with different people throughout her travel. She shares her vivid experiences and learning, on her travel and lifestyle blog,  as well as her Fb page Suejata’s Lifestyle with amazing pictures. All the experiences gained from years of travelling and living a dynamic life, she has captured in her books.

Her book ‘How to plan your travels abroad’ is a life-saver for people travelling internationally. It contains detailed information on flights, customs, safety measures, dealing with agents, size of luggage to carry and the planning process as a whole. This book can be especially useful for the women who are travelling abroad alone or people who have no clue on planning their travels. Her second book ’25 Special Diet Snack Recipes’ contains vegetarian recipes, and also for the people allergic to gluten it contains gluten free recipes as well.

She also serves as a life coach to many and offers her personality development and soft skills coaching to people especially, for teenagers, youngsters and professionals. She offers one to one coaching and helps people build confidence, good communication skills and guides the teenagers in acting responsibly which leads them to a better future. Unlike other ways of coaching using power point presentations and training modules, she offers her personal insights on individual situation and helps people to resolve the same.

Being a qualified marketer, she also offers her marketing and research expertise to businesses.


About Author

Suejata has lived her life in London and travelled to more than 35 countries solo becoming the only woman from India to do that (till 2013).

She shares her amazing experiences on her blog, fb page: Suejata’s Lifestyle and tripadvisor reviews, and her books can be found on Shopcart or on Amazon.

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