Historically Accurate Tactical Card Game Tournament of Might Launches on Kickstarter

Board Games International has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the card game Tournament of Might, a game that features both educational and historically accurate decks as well as fantasy decks. The card game developer based in Bothell, WA has taken to crowdfunding to both spread the word about Tournament of Might as well as engage potential backers in the new armies to be created: all backers will be voting on new decks and for a premium, can have direct input on custom-designed cards in the new armies chosen.

James Muller, game designer and owner of Board Games International, drew upon his experience as an educator and passion for history and game design to flesh out Tournament of Might. He initially had the idea to make the game en route to his family’s game night, where it would basically be an expanded version of War. Feedback from numerous play sessions improved and expanded the game, which started out using a traditional playing card deck with the red and black cards as “armies”.

The first formal iteration of Tournament of Might was based on World War II era American and German armies, and intricately researched for historical accuracy all the way to the uniform insignias. The emphasis on history without compromising fun did not go unnoticed by the Washington Homeschool Organization, in which members have stated they incorporated Tournament of Might into their world history lessons. In contrast, a zombies deck was also created with vintage comic style art. Each army is unique by having a different artist create each one, with 60 cards that do not repeat.

The month-long Kickstarter campaign will allow backers to vote on the next Tournament of Might army, which will be Vampires vs. Werewolves or Devils vs. Angels for the fun and fantasy decks, and for more historically-accurate decks, Civil War or Third Crusade. The army that receives the most votes will be made, and stretch goals to have additional armies made will be announced after the campaign reaches its $30,000 goal. Kickstarter-exclusive coins and commemorative patches for each army are being offered as rewards, along with backer-designed cards available for a limited time.

Board Games International hopes to bring more family games to the market and appealing not just to avid card game players, but also to history buffs and families looking to incorporate educational games into their teaching efforts outside the classroom. Bringing Tournament of Might to Kickstarter will help accomplish these goals.

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