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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – The free Car Insurance Comparison tool from is a big hit among Arkansas drivers as more Arkansans find they are often paying too for car insurance or sometimes carrying unneeded coverage. The free car insurance comparison tool from is a user-friendly automated auto insurance rate-quote shopping tool available throughout Arkansas and in most states in the US.

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The free service is free and without obligation. Many insurance industry pros strongly suggest drivers shop their policies annually and some say drivers typically overpay for car insurance by $350 to $600 annually.

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You are required by Arkansas law to have financial protection in the event of a costly incident that can be associated with car ownership. Carrying car insurance is the best thing you can do to comply with the laws. In order to fulfill the car insurance requirements for Arkansas, you must carry liability car insurance in order to pay for property damage or injuries sustained by another individual that is the result of a car accident caused by you.

The following minimum amounts are required for liability car insurance in Arkansas:

• $25,000 minimum for bodily injury, per individual

• $25,000 minimum for property damage, for each accident

• $50,000 minimum for total bodily injury for each accident, when multiple individuals are involved in the accident

Although car insurance laws in the state of Arkansas do require you to carry liability car insurance, to help protect you financially even further, there are also several optional coverages that are available.

Collision insurance coverage helps with covering damages to your vehicle that are the result of a traffic accident.

Comprehensive insurance coverage helps with covering car damages that are non-collision in nature, including those that are the result of fire, theft or inclement weather. 

Underinsured/Uninsured motorist coverage helps with paying for property damage or injures that are the result of an accident that has been caused by a driver without insurance or one whose insurance does not cover all of your costs.

Although all drivers are required to be insured, auto insurance companies in Arkansas can refuse coverage to drivers they considered high-risk.

The Arkansas Automobile Insurance Plan is available if you are having difficulty locating an auto insurance carrier. You may apply for this plan through any auto insurance agent that is licensed for doing business in the state of Arkansas.  Just be aware that after your application has been processed, you might get assigned to another auto insurance company. All car insurance companies in Arkansas are required to participate in this plan.  The number of drivers that get assigned to an insurance company through this plan will depend on the number of customers that are voluntarily covered by the company.

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