Paws Jawz: New Product Helps Rubber-Boot Wearing Dogs “Boot Up” Effortlessly

Keeping the mud, snow and salt off your pets’ paws can be a challenge. For nearly 10 years, PawZ® rubber dog boots have been the industry leader in protecting dogs’ paws from Mother Nature’s messy side. While they are wildly effective, PawZ® boots can be difficult to put on. Now, thanks to Paws Jawz, a new tool that makes getting those boots on a breeze, pet owners won’t dread “puppy prep time” when Mother Nature calls.

Many pet owners rely on PawZ® Dog Boots — the rubber footwear that resemble deflated balloons.  Dogs who wear them enjoy dry paws during the wet and snowy seasons, and cooler paws in the hot seasons.  While the boots are very effective, some pet owners find them challenging to put on. Stretching the small opening over the paw, nails, & dewclaw can be frustrating for pet and owner alike.

The new solution? Paws Jawz. This tool allows pet owners to hold the boot open with one hand, using the free hand to steer the dog’s paw into the boot.  Shaped like tongs, Paws Jawz easily expands the boot opening so your pet’s paw comfortably slips in. Once the paw is inside the boot, release the handle, and roll the boot off the front of your Paws Jawz. Says one very satisfied pet owner: “Why didn’t anyone think of this before? It’s saved me so much time and effort, and Oscar is a much happier dog.”

Co-founder and spokeswoman Antonia Ricker, explains: “The growth of our business relies on two fundamentals: to encourage the use of protective foot wear for dogs in extreme conditions, and to support retailers’ efforts to promote the use of PawZ® Dog Boots to those who hesitate because of actual or perceived difficulty.”        

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About Paws Jawz (Paws Jaws, LLC–Pawleys Island, SC)

Made in Canada, Paws Jawz is a simple but ingenious tool developed by a family who loves their dog, but didn’t love “doggie walk prep time”.  When Josh Ricker, co-founder, was tasked with Alice’s winter walks while the rest of the family was travelling, he quickly realized the challenge of getting her boots on.  With a hectic work schedule, the extra time and effort required to get Alice’s boots on 3x a day drove him nuts.  More out of frustration than ambition, Ricker devised a wooden tool to help with the task.  While the proto-type was a complete failure, the idea struck such a positive chord with his wife and daughters when they returned, that he saw the project through. 18 months later, in 2014, Paws Jawz was launched to an overwhelmingly positive market response.

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Paws Jawz targets the nearly 1 million PawZ® Dog Boot users, in North America.  They sell to retailers directly and through their national distributors in the U.S. and Canada.  They also sell to retail buyers via the company website. Paws Jawz fans hail from as far as Japan.

While Paws Jawz, and PawZ® Dog Boots are not related companies, their products team up to provide the best paw protection solution in the industry. 

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