Baby Steps and Big Dreams launches crowdfunding campaign

Baby Steps and Big Dreams is a project aimed at improving child health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Baby Steps and Big Dreams aims to combat the problem of child mortality rates in Sub-Saharan Africa.  According to statistics, five children die in the world every minute, half of whom are located in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this region, children under five years of age have a mortality rate 15 times that of developed countries.  Limited resources and pediatric medical personnel are available to combat this problem.  

Founded by a Canadian pediatrician who firmly believes that all children have equal rights to health, this organization is dedicated to that ideal. Through her studies and work abroad she came to believe that the health challenges faced in this region are best addressed by the communities themselves. This approach promises to preserve local culture and dignity while building capacity and leadership within communities.

Baby Steps and Big Dreams has two major goals: Promoting pediatric education through the provision of local scholarships and fostering a spirit of advocacy and leadership in child health workers.  Currently, the group has recognized one potential scholarship student, recently accepted to start her pediatric residency in Tanzania in the fall of 2015. She has an interest in improving child health outcomes through research leading to improved quality of care. Tuition costs $6,000 per year, three times that of the Canadian resident and more than her annual income. Without these funds she will have to withdraw from the program. Any excess funds will be used to defray the legal costs of establishing a tax-exempt organization and to support the development of leaders and local advocacy projects aimed at improving child health.

The Baby Steps and Big Dreams IndieGoGo campaign, located at, welcomes pledges of any amount.  

For more information on the campaign or its founder, please visit the website.

About Baby Steps and Big Dreams:  

Started by a Canadian pediatrician, Baby Steps and Big Dreams is an organization dedicated to reducing child mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa through promotion of medical education, leadership and advocacy. 


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