The power of the sweet potato and how it may heal the world one bite at a time

Sweet potato is a good source of guilt-free energy.
Sweet potato is a yummy root vegetable that can make any ones tummy happy. The perfect snack on a nice sunny day. You can eat it fried with caramelized in sugar, boiled with a hefty coating of milk and sugar or can be included in your favorite soup or broth.

The uses and ways of cooking sweet potatoes are endless, but did you know how healthy sweet potatoes are?

Well sweet potato is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential to keeping you healthy and strong. It has high concentration of Vitamin B6 which reduces a chemical called homocysteine in our body. Homocysteine has been linked to degenerative diseases, including heart attack. 

It is also a good source for Vitamin C, so move over oranges we have a new staple in the house. As everyone know, Vitamin C is an essential vitamin to ward off cold and flu viruses. It is also a vital vitamin that plays an important role in bone and tooth formation, cell and blood formation and digestion. And for all those ladies out their Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen that helps hold the skin together resulting in better firmness and glow in the skin.

They also contain Vitamin D. Vitamin D is a very essential vitamin that plays a big role in enhancing the absorption of iron and other key vitamins and minerals

This amazing root vegetable, also contain iron and magnesium. Talk about three-in-one benefit (Vitamin D, iron and magnesium). Iron plays an important role in white blood cell production, resistance to stress and helps boost the immune system. While magnesium is a good relaxation and anti-stress mineral.

Sweet potato is a good source of guilt free energy. It’s naturally sweet-tasting and releases the sugar slowly into the blood stream that will help keep you up and going without worry of sugar crash or weight gain.

Hey, sweet potato also have another beauty enhancing mineral which is copper. Just like Vitamin C it also helps in the production of collagen that helps keep your skin youthful.

And guess what, Sweet potato also contains 400% of our daily Vitamin A needs. Vitamin A is a key vitamin for good vision, the immune system and cell growth. And that’s what I call exceeding limits in a good way.

There is still a lot of benefits of eating sweet potatoes, listing them all down would be outrageous but one thing is known you will never go wrong with eating a sweet and tasty vegetable like sweet potato.

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