Capture every moment with a sleek and stylish selfie stick by iTechor

Thanks to modern technology, photography has risen to the next level. Today’s cameras come equipped with fantastic feature and capabilities to produce truly breathtaking pictures and share them with friends and family. The advent of selfies made it possible to capture momentous occasions without being excluded from these moments. However, the arm can only extend so far and the limited angles don’t really capture the essence of the moment.

Luckily, you can now capture spellbinding and breathtaking photographs every time, thanks to a revolutionary phone stick holder from Itechor. This selfie stick is just the right companion to ensure that capture each and every memorable moment of your life through the smart mobile device.

Made from high-quality, durable aluminum this pocket-sized selfie stick is guaranteed to hold that precious iPhone or smartphone securely for a very long time. Additionally, selfie stick features an adjustable silicon clamp that wraps securely around your wrist to ensure your precious mobile device comes to no danger of falling. Not only does the strap secure your phone but also increase the stability of your photos, no more out of focus picture for you.

Ever the perfect travel companion, this black phone stick holder, measuring 9 inches fits perfectly in your travel bag. Interestingly, it features a 5 flex length sections capable of extending up to 38 inches away from your while taking a selfie. It opens your photography skills to a whole new world of possibilities. Those crowd photos will never be bland ever again with this selfie stick.

The state of the art technology behind this phone stick holder is designed for comfort and convenience. Simply twist it to the right to adjust its length and then rotate to the left to lock the stick at the desired length that absolutely captures that beautiful moment you wish to capture. Once you get to your desired stick length, vary the angles at which you capture your shots with the 270-degree rotatable head. Intuitively, rotate the head till you get that incredible but elusive edge that attests to your photography skills.

Featuring a Bluetooth connection, this phone stick holder is compatible with iOS 5.0+ devices as well as Android 3.0+ smartphones. The inbuilt Bluetooth in the stick makes for effortless synchronization with your smart device, allowing you to take amazing selfies in a matter of seconds. Just pair your device with the sticks and take photos through the button on the handle.

Unlike other phone holders in the market this selfie stick, available in black, does not drain your phone battery. Instead, it is equipped with long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries to let you capture more of your fabulous trip, wedding or beach outing. The stick comes equipped with own USB charging cable to help you charge it on the go.

This foldable, all-in-one phone stick holder from Itechor is just about a thoughtful choice of gift as it gets. It is sleek and stylish, easy to use, compatible with a broad range of smart devices and is a hallmark of brilliant and effortless photography. Additionally, it ships in thoughtfully well-designed packages tailored for safety.

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